From The Sunday Sentinel 10 April 2005

Author moulds novel on city.

An author who grew up in North Staffordshire has written a moving new novel set in the heart of the Potteries.

Chrissie Loveday's latest offering, Rough Clay, tells the story of a young man threatened with life in the coal mines of war-torn Britain.

The 60-year-old author, from Walton near Stone, based the novel on her father's life story and his fascination with ceramic wares made in The Potteries.

Writing the book gave Mrs Loveday the chance to re-visit Stone, where she grew up, enabling her to meet people who bad known her father.

They were able to tell her about china manufacturing and reminded her of the warmth and humour of the people who live there.

The author said: "The Potteries really is a very different place these days. Many of the old companies have gone, but the people are still there and my pleasure at finding them again inspired me to write my book.

"Starting a new book is such a joy and I feel a sense of loss when it is finished and my characters are left to go and live their own lives."

The main character in Rough Clay, dreamer Archie Barnett, is determined to pursue his ambitions. By defying the opposition of an embittered mother, he follows his wishes and with the help of his rich school-friend's family, he strives to begin his new life.

Seeking love and happiness, he survives a rollercoaster of successes and failures, portraying the reality of life in the Potteries of the 20th century.

For difficult family reasons, Mrs Loveday owned none of her father's chinaware.

She started her own collection after finding a figurine on the e-Bay website, which triggered happy memories.

Her sons had always asked about the grandfather they had never known.

She has written 20 books over the last decade, aimed at a wide range of audiences, from teachers to children.

Now, she lives in a house on a cliff-top in Truro, with husband John and two Jack Russell dogs. Millie and Alice.

Priced at 8.50, the book is available to buy online at and will appear on shortly.

Chrissie is visiting Stoke in flay to sign copies of Rough Clay, and hopes local bookstores will stock them.

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