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This page contains details of reciprocal links, business opportunities and multi level opportunities. If you are someone who is morally, legally, religiously or otherwise opposed to this sort of thing, then please read no further.

UK MLM Index

A well run and frequently updated list of all the latest MLM opportunities in the UK.

I would say to everyone NEVER comit funds to multi level programs that you cannot afford to lose.

Link to "XYZ mall" pages which advertise our service

This is a reciprocal link, if you use it you will find links to other sites similar to this one.


Have you ever got annoyed with people who live far away and won't get on email, so you have to pay a fortune in connect fees to fax them instead?Click above for the solution, and you can get a free trial of the service. All you have to do is to send your fax as an email as instructed, and it is faxed to your recipient from a local number. The costs are minimal for further faxes, and it is easy to pay. You can also use the service for fax broadcasting as well.

Freedom Star - A free web page for you!

A multi level offer that includes a free web page and special telephone rates (USA) Overseas people may join at a trivial cost of $20 just to promote the service. If you have web pages this is a very easy way to make money whilst you sleep, as they say!

If you live in the USA and have a cheaper telephone service, then you can submit proof and join for free, otherwise you have to pay $20 or join FCI's telephone service.

- the quickest way to find anything on the net - this software searches many search engines all at once -- no more periods with modem lights out with the system doing nothing!

Search Engine Optimisation
The inverse of Copernic -- If they are unable to achieve a top 5 position in Google, Yahoo and MSN (that make up over 90% of all searches) and a top 10 position in five other major search engines they will not charge for their services.

The following sites all offer reciprocal links.


Starting Point
New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages

Wishing Project

It catalogues peoples' wishes from the proverbial genie in the lamp. Perhaps you would have something interesting to add.