I found this volume, tattered and yellowing, at my parents' home at Praa Sands in the late 20th century. It seemed an excellent web project, as it is well out of copyright and there are family connection with Prussia Cove. My grandfather on my mother's side first visited Prussia Cove in 1929. They aimed at visiting Perranuthnoe, where they knew that an uncle and family were staying. They took the wrong turning and arrived at Prussia Cove, which they liked the look of. However they thought that they should proceed to Perranuthnoe, but on arrival preferred what they had just left; so back they went. The upshot was that after negotiating with Farmer Bettens, of Trenalls Farm, (seen left) they established a camp on the southern strip of what was then known as the "T" field, (because of its then shape), situated between the "Haven" and "Sea View". Several generations of the family had numerous holidays there through many decades ending in the early 1960s. Both myself, uncle and parents "emigrated" to Cornwall during the 1970s.

I suspect that the mention of a "Bettens" family member in the ancient text herein refers to an ancestor of the farmer Bettens mentioned above. The farm is also mentioned in the following narrative. John Carter's house, now known as "Cliff Cottage", with its "secret" passage to the caves in Bessie's Cove can be seen to the right in the header of this frame set.