I was born in the year of 1749 in Pengersick, in the parish of Breage, in the County of Cornwall. My mother had ten children, eight sons and two daughters, eight of whom lived to maturity. My father was a miner likewise rented a little farm of about 21 per year, who was a hard labouring man, and brought up his family in what we called decent poverty. My oldest and youngest brothers were brought up to good country scholars, but the rest of my brothers with myself, as soon as we was able, obliged to work in order to contribute a little to help to support a large family, so that I never was kept to school but only to read in what we called then the great Book.

As for our Religion, we were brought up like the rest of our neighbours, to say some prayers after we were in the bed, and to go to Church on particular times as occasion served us. When I was about eight or nine years old, my brother Francis was about four years older than me. He joined the Methodist society in Rudgeon, (Rosudgeon, a small village about half a mile from Prussia Cove,) soon after found peace with God, and as him and me was most times sleeping and waking together he revealed himself unto me, told me the place and time he received the Comforter. I seeing such very great change upon him, as before time he was a very active boy, I firmly believed the report.