As it have been impressed upon my mind for several years to take a memorandum of the kind dealings of God to my soul, in particular these last two or three years, I have been persuaded by several of my friends, in particular Mr. Wormsley and Geo. Carter. I have thought in general it would be so weak that no person of sense would ever publish it to the world, notwithstanding, this morning being 20 of December. 1809, I have taken up my pen, and may the Lord bring past things to my remembrance just as they are, and if published to the world, may the Lord make it a blessing to every soul that read and hear it for Christ's sake, amen, amen.

I have made several remarks at different times in years past of some particular things of my experience for my own amusement, then thinking for no person ever to see it but myself only; and as I have made a general rule more or less for several years to have had fixed times to sit in silence to trace my whole life from eight or nine years of age, in particular more so since I have tasted the goodness of God, most particular things that I have past thought seems to be tolerable familiar to me.