Here is a selection of articles on dental care from back issues of Longevity Report. Please note that this is just a links system and you do in fact get the whole issue of Longevity Report concerned, but set to the article mentioned. Therefore you can scroll above or below the selected article into some quite different subject.

I would also urge readers to use the Longevity Report search feature on dental keywords. There are more mention of dentists, teeth and surgery etc within other articles than those that mention the subject in their titles.

Out of all the caring professions, dental surgeons are one of the least popular. They often find problems of which the patient is unaware, and then prescribe treatment which actually makes the patient less comfortable before he gets better.

In these articles we look at what an average individual can do to keep teeth in good order and to keep away from the dental surgeon as much as possible.

However Longevity Report only informs under the right to free speech, and if you want someone else to be responsible for your health always consult a regulated professional. In any case it is not that easy to look inside your own mouth, and regular checks from a professional are still a good idea.

If you are stressed by dental treatment, try finding a surgeon of the opposite sex -- it works sometimes. Or you may find it easier with one of the same sex. It depends on the individual. Some dentists are insulted or amused by such a suggestion, but the bottom line is that it can work in some instances and could be worth a try.

And finally, it is worth noting that Life Extension Foundation make a number of dental care products, including a toothpasteand mouthwash.