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Contents are provided for information only, under the right to free speech. Opinions are the authors' own. No professional advice is intended. If you wish others to be legally responsible for your health, life or finances, then please consult a professional regulated according to the laws of your country.

Article submissions for future issues are welcomed. Longevity Report is concerned with facts that help people in the war on suffering, ageing and death. We are not concerned with personalities and who is right. We do publish way out ideas and hopefully where they are wrong people will be able to correct them in a manner which will help us reach out to our goal - to make ageing and death optional.

Only fools fight in burning houses, and everyone on earth is living in a burning house - their own bodies which will case to exist and thereby causing annihilation of the program and data (=soul) therein.

note - graphics that were in the paper editions have been deleted in order to save web space. They were just there the liven it up, they were not illustrations or figures.

Vitamins and Supplements


Freedom: Political, moral and legal issues

Vitamins and supplements

Hydergine (letter) Mark Davies

Adventures with Hydergina M. Sankey

Germanium Scare John de Rivaz

Ginko Biloba and Hydergine Steve Gallant

Feverfew - Miracle Herb O.M.T.

Aminoguanidine O.M.T.

Adrafinil OMT

Rose Hips Brian Haines

The Vinpocetine Story OMT


Amrit Kalash John E. Smith

Beyond DMSO Steve Gallant

Skin Aging and Tretinoin OMT

A Survey of Food Pertaining to Longevity Mark Sunlin

Dexfenfluramin OMT

About BHT and Similar Products Yvan Bozzonetti

New Age Medicine Brian W. Haines

Crackdown on Vitamins is Four Months Away! SPNT

Deprenyl may Help Nerve Damage John de Rivaz

Vitamin E Story Douglas Skrecky

Vitamin E May Prevent Brain Damage Douglas Skrecky

The Agathis Austalis (Kauri) Story. Yvan Bozzonetti

A One-a-Day May Keep the Doctor Away Douglas Skrecky

A Possible Cure for Alzheimer's Disease Douglas Skrecky

Chronic Fatige Update Douglas Skrecky

Coenzyme NADH: A Potential Life Extension Agent. Steven Gallant

Prostates and Papayas Douglas Skrecky

Vitamin E Prevents Coronary Disease Douglas Skrecky

Vascular Dementia & Potassium Douglas Skrecky

A Possible Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis Douglas Skrecky

Taurine versus hepatitis B Douglas Skrecky

Aspirin News Yvan Bozzonetti

Dental Products Douglas Skrecky

Caffeine, Chelation, and Melatonin Douglas Skrecky

Beta Carotene Douglas Skrecky

Ginkgo Biloba Douglas Skrecky

Avoiding Blindness Douglas Skrecky

Preventing Osteoporosis Douglas Skrecky

A Cure for Osteoarthritis? Douglas Skrecky

Aphrodisiacs Douglas Skrecky

More Dental Pharmacology Douglas Skrecky

Give Yourself Muscle with Creatine Brian W. Haines

Response to Stephen Barrett on Vitamin C Yvan Bozzonetti

Pharmaceutical notes- Beta Carotene, Chromium, Retin-A, Herbs and Lupus Douglas Skrecky

Ginkgo Biloba Versus Alzheimer's Disease Douglas Skrecky

Life Extension An Orthodox Medical View Part One Keith Monnington, M.D.

Roxithromycin and its Uses Dr Keith Monnington

Life Extension - an Orthodox Medical View Part II Dr Keith Monnington

A Possible Cure for Osteoarthritis Douglas Skrecky

Novel Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Douglas Skrecky

The New Vitamin C Yvan Bozzonetti

Echinacea Yvan Bozzonetti

A Guide to Anti-Ageing Drugs Book review Douglas Skrecky

Lung Cancer: Was It Really the Beta-Carotene? Jack Challem

Antibiotic Resistance Dr Martin Hugh-Jones

Tomatoes & Strawberries Prevent Cancer Douglas Skrecky

Sucrose Polyester Douglas Skrecky

CT-2584, a Kinder Cancer drug Yvan Bozzonetti

A Tasty Vegetarian Health Shake Dr Steven B. Harris, M.D.

Ribavirin, Antibiotics, Colds and Influenza (various)

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) Doug McKee

Life Extension NotesDouglas Skrecky

Deprenyl and Life ExtensionDouglas Skrecky

PBS/Melatonin Extends the Lifespan of Diabetic Mice,

Successful Biotin Treatment of Diabetes

Dinh Lang Extends Lifespan,

DNA-RNA Chloroform Injections Increase lifespan 144%,

Can Lycopene Delay Ageing,

Beware Calcium Channel Blockers,

Can Phosphagain delay age-related frailty?

Beware skin creams with vitamin E.

Side Effects of Excessive Vitamin C

Life Extension Supplement Test

Acetyl L-Carnitine Improves the Cognitive Function of Alzheimer's Patients

Vitamin A pregnancy warning

Lithium chloride and autoimmune reactions

How to Save Your Teeth


Locating a Biostasis Centre James V--

Investment and Cryonics Benjamin Best

Future Revival with the Help of Information Klaus Reinhard

Alcor UK Opens New Facility Alan Sinclair

Proposal for International Cooperation In Cryonic Suspension John de Rivaz

Lifepact Unveil Video Package John de Rivaz

Cryonics in Australia John de Rivaz

Further Discussions on the International Cooperation Proposal R.C.W. Ettinger

Identity and Death Mike Morley

Incentives for Reanimation Ben Best

A Theory of Finance for Cryonic Suspension Benjamin Best

Comments on Cryonics Finance Jim Yount

Postmortem Signup Assistance Trygve B. Bauge

Postmortem Signup Assistance Trygve B. Bauge

The Saga of Charlie Amlin Bob Brakeman

Postmortem Signup Assistance Trygve B. Bauge

Early Cryonics Book re-Issued

Pre-mortem Biostasis Douglas Skrecky

Death Insurance Douglas Skrecky

The Freezer, The Furnace, and The Grave Steve Whitrow

Comments on Freeze Drying and Related Topics R.C.W. Ettinger

High Speed Desiccation Douglas Skrecky

My Arrangements for Cryonic Suspension Steve Whitrow

A Monthly Meeting of Alcor UK Ltd Brian Blair-Giles

Cryonics - a Mother's Initial Thoughts Chrissie Loveday

Cryonics End Yvan Bozzonetti

German Hospitals Let Patients Rot Klaus Reinhard

Jesus Was an Immortalist Dr Thomas Donaldson

How to Failure Proof Cryonics Douglas Skrecky

Cryonics - Why Me? Chrissie Loveday

How You Could Take it With You John de Rivaz

Dessication as Cryonic Insurance Douglas Skrecky

Permafrost Burial Douglas Skrecky

Are the Permafrost Patients Dead? Klaus Reinhard

Have it Your Way - Use a Trust Adolfo S. Pichardo

Are the Permafrost Patients Dead? - A Reply Douglas Skrecky

An Ideal Trust John de Rivaz

A Cryonics Lecture to Funeral Directors Brian Blair-Giles

Priorities for Cryonics Research Klaus Reinhard

Cryonics and Cranks Chrissie Loveday

Cryonics Recovery Yvan Bozzonetti

Freeze (Partial) Drying Yvan Bozzonetti

Project for Permafrost Burials In Russian Lapland Dr Michael Soloviev

Liquid Nitrogen Storage - A Reply R.C.W. Ettinger

Women In Cryonics - Some Thoughts from a Relative Newcomer Chrissie Loveday

Financing Cryonics with Real Estate. Yvan Bozzonetti

Suggestions For Russian Permafrost Burial Project Douglas Skrecky

Reasons to Reject CryonicsDavid Stodolsky

Feedback in Cryonics Brian Wowk

Cryonics, Cryptography, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Dr Ralph C. Merkle

The Puzzle of the Non-Signups Dr Mike Perry

Attitude Change and Terror Management Dr David S. Stodolsky

CRYONICS: MLM Heaven? Dr Steve Harris, MD

Cryostasis Delays R.C.W. Ettinger

Why not a Straight Freeze Steve Bridge

Prospects of Revival Brian Wowk

On Prices and Pricing John Javilk

The Quality of Life After CryonicsMark Muhlestein

Cryonics and Population Peter Merel

Bad Law vs Cryonics Robert C.W. Ettinger

The Prometheus ProjectPaul Wakfer

The British Columbia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act Boris P Gimbarzevsky

What Others Think Alan Hardy, Ian King, Sam Smith

Terror Management Tim Freeman

Freeze Drying a Brain,

Variations on a Straight Freeze

The Scientific Debate Over Cryonics Randy Smith

Visser Method Clarification

Public Opinion, Cryonics, and Legal Suicide

Cremation and Burial Constitute A Passive Form of Suicide

Comments on A Sensible and Valid Critique of Cryonics

Cryonics in Fiction

My Visit to Yellowknife

John de Rivaz Complacency

Yvan Bozzonetti Cryonics or Mere Freezing?

Douglas Skrecky Hot Cryonics

Roger L. Bagula What Does the Future Hold for Revived People?

Brent Allsop Ettinger's Ark


Investment and Cryonics Benjamin Best

Lifepact Unveil Video Package John de Rivaz

A Theory of Finance for Cryonic Suspension Benjamin Best

Death Insurance Douglas Skrecky

Health Now - Freeze Later Brian Haines

Medical Ethics Brian Haines

Choices for the Metabolically Disadvantaged Steve Whitrow

A Rising Threat to Our Right to Buy Vitamins

Taking Stock Brian W. Haines

Too Many People Have Died Bob Brakeman

French Prison Sentences Set Serious Precedent for FDA John de Rivaz

Doctor Patient Relationships in Modern Society Dr Keith Monnington

Venturists Plan Major Drive Against Superstition. John de Rivaz

Why Immortalists Should Support Terra Libra Frederick Mann

Terra Libra Progress Report Frederick Mann

Terror Libris Brian Haines

Am I the Mug? Brian Haines

Terra Libra Progress Report Frederick Mann

Saving Communism Yvan Bozzonetti

Pay Now, Die Later Brian W. Haines

The Sless Case and Magna Carta Brian W. Haines

Clear Thinking on Promoting Life Extension Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD

The Terra Libra Superorganism and the Freedom Meme Mark Lindsay

Assisted Suicide Laws Steve Bridge

The Politics of Breathing John de Rivaz

The Tech Singularity - The Timescale of Nanotechnology Dani Elder

Unconscious Deathism Frederick Mann

Immortalist Philosophy Don Ashley

Charity - a Fast Lane to Death Brenda Goodwin

Towards Justice Brian W. Haines

A Random Tought Brian W. Haines

Cryonics and Population Peter Merel

Bad Law vs Cryonics Robert C.W. Ettinger

Population Growth and Declining Death Rates Gregory Bloom

Resistance To Immortality Concepts Don Ashley

Fostering Public Understanding of Cryonics Brian Wowk

The British Columbia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act Boris P Gimbarzevsky

Terror Management Tim Freeman

Liberty versus FreedomEric Szuter

More on Liberty Versus Freedom

Forget about government, it's dead

The "Ageing Removes Tyrants" Fallacy

Is ignorant freedom a good or bad thing?

Is Ignorant Freedom A Good Or Bad Thing? Brent Allsop

Brent Allsop Ettinger's Ark

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