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Symbol Security Comment
AFFX Affymetrix Inc Gene chip to diagnose anything
ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc MS treatment
ALT Alteon Inc Life Extension
AMDL.OB AMDL Non Invasive diagnostic Kits
AMZN Inc Internet leader, unique advertising paid by results
AMLN Amylin Pharmaceuticals diabetes research
ADSX Applied Digital Solutions Implantable health monitoring
AZN AstraZeneca PLC research
BIORY Biora AB gum disease research
BTX Biotime Inc low temperature medical research
CRA Celera Genomics genome mapping
CORL Corel Corporation Wordperfect, Microsoft hedge
CRY Cryolife Inc transplant research, BioGlue
CYGX Cytogenics Inc antisense molecules
DRAX Draxis Health Inc research (Deprenyl)
EK Eastman Kodak electronics infrastructure
ELN Elan Corp research (incl Alzheimer's)
GENE Genome Therapeutics Corporation Genomics
GNLB GeneLabs Technologies novel drug discovery method
GLGC Genelogic genomic information products
GDC General DataComm Industries electronics infrastructure, recovery
GERN Geron Corporation stem cell research
GLX Glaxo Wellcome PLC research
HWP Hewlett Packard Co electronics infrastructure
HGSI Human Genome Sciences gene based medicines
ICN ICN Pharmaceuticals research and new markets
IMGN Immunogen Inc drug delivery and cancer research
INTC Intel Corp electronics infrastructure
LSI LSI Logic Corp electronics infrastructure
LGND Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc research, recovery
LLY Lilly, Eli research
LU Lucent Technologies Inc electronics infrastructure
MSFT Microsoft Corp electronics infrastructure
MITK Mitek Systems Inc electronics infrastructure
MLNM Millenium Pharmaceuticals genomics and software
0530886 Molecular Sensing PLC Computer attachment to measure genes
NIMU Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems Huge growth possible through Life Shirt
PEBPerkin-Elmer Bioscience research infrastructure
PTEC Phoenix Technologies Ltd electronics infrastructure
PFE Pfizer Inc research
PTEC Phoenix Technologies Ltd electronics infrastructure
PTH.L PPL Therapeutics bio-production of proteins, xenografts
ROSS Ross Systems Inc electronics infrastructure
PHG Royal Philips Electronics N.V. electronics infrastructure
SGP Schering Plough research
SNTKY Senetek PLC research, recovery
SBH Smithkline Beecham PLC research
STEM Stem Cells Incstem cells
VECO Veeco Instruments Inc electronics infrastructure, nano
VRA Viragen Inc cloning to produce drugs and antibodies
WLA Warner Lambert research
XRX Xerox Corp electronics infrastructure

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Mutual Funds

Invesco mutual fund managers, who have an excellent technology fund.

Unit Trusts

Aberdeen Unit Trust Managers (Find the Technology unit trust. I have not given a direct link becauase it keeps changing.)

Henderson Unit Trust Managers (find Global Technology)

Framlington Health A unit trust specialising on the health revolution - again you need to find it yourself because of frequent changes to the site.

The Nanotechnology Industries Web page

Here you can find out about unlisted unquoted companies working on nanotechnology. When you have made a fortune on the listed companies in existing technology, and can realise some of it under the capital gains tax limits, you may get an opportunity to invest in some of these companies when they go public over the coming decade or so. In the meantime, keep a watch on this site to see what is going on.


Here research is their focus, research in Nanotechnology, Software, Internet, all in relation with Nanotech.


- a web based magaine on nanotechnology.


- a news portal for investors interested in the nanotechnology sector.

Genomics Links

New Gene Mutation That Doubles Fruit Fly Life Span May Also Extend Human Life:

Uconn Health Center, Farmington; Dec 2000, Office of Communications

Disease Fighters: A look at where the genome breakthrough is now leading researchers:

Wall Street Journal; New York; Nov 6, 2000; Arthur Fisher


Try and find a unit trust or mutual fund that will not try and trade the markets. Fidelity Magellan thought it would be clever and trade out of the stock market into high yielding fixed interest when its managers felt that technology growth would pause. They lost their position in a rising market.

In the short term, this sort of trading can improve performance. In the long term (which is what we are looking at) sooner or later a disaster will occur.

Further reading

E*trade's chief executive officer Chris Cotsakos released Itís Your Money:A Practical Guide to using the Internet to Achieving Your Financial Goals in June 2000. The book takes readers through the basics of investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, offering simple and proven techniques for outlining personal goals, conducting research and managing risk. In addition, Cotsakos describes various state-of-the-art online tools such as alerts,online statements and personalized watch lists that keep investors in the know with up to date information. He even describes the process of buying a computer and getting online. He is dedicating proceeds from the book to help bridge the digital divide through better education and access to technology.

Click here for more details and online purchase opportunity. (Here if you live in the UK)

Don't we all wish we could identify that next big, breakout stock and jump in before everyone else? Investment professional Tobin Smith believes he's developed a solid means to that end, and he lays it out with contagious confidence in ChangeWave Investing. His intriguing approach begins with a detailed system for identifying the most promising of future highfliers--employing protocols that, Smith writes, "delivered more than 150 percent annualized gains since 1995 and more than 430 percent gain per stock pick in 1999 alone." Smith then turbocharges this approach with what he calls "open-source investing," using the same free-flowing method of information exchange that's proven so successful in the Linux software community. Much in the way ever-tweaking programmers have continually improved Linux, Smith contends, investors can enhance his own aggressive growth-stock model.

Will it work? Investors who support Smith's contention and play along, combining his advice with their own collective expertise, should be able to upgrade the financial "source code" of New Economy, making it available to all participants.

Click here for more details and online purchase opportunity. (Here if you live in the UK)

Note on how to use technology growth to extend your own lifespan.

If you are interested in extending your healthy lifespan, by whatever means, you need money to pay for it. Fortunately the enormous growth in technology provides the means for you as long as you have a little money to start with. If you are young, you probably don't need much in the way of supplements and barring accidents or freak infectious diseases, you won't have more than an intellectual curiosity in cryopreservation. Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars right away, the best way to take part in the rising tide of technology is to invest in a mutual fund or unit trust, which can even be done by a monthly savings plan.

But for those of you wishing to invest in stocks right away, or for that matter just to read about what is going on, here is a list of stocks with web links to their home pages. This list is far from exhaustive. You can set up your own email feed of news and daily quotations entirely free from a service run by Sony called Infobeat. Even if you have nothing to invest at the moment, this is a good education into the stock market, and the news reports will interest you as a life extensionist.

If you are young and you think that you may want cryopreservation if you die, then now is the time to start investing in technology, even if you are not sure whether you will sign up or not. Once you have $3000 invested in technology, ten years later you should be able to afford a revocable trust with the Cryonics Institute. If at that time you decide that cryonics is not for you, then you have this lump sum for something else - a deposit on a house, a new car or whatever you fancy, or just let it grow into your retirement fund. Of course in another ten years time, it may well have grown into $300,000 and so on. The very rough rule for technology is ten times growth every decade. The stock markets do go down as well as up, but in the long term (decades) the technology sector must go up or civilisation itself will fail, so you won't be there to worry about it. As a species we are totally hooked on technology - imagine what would happen if things like communication, electrical power, or transport were to fail. There are many problems, but they get solved by advances in technology. If these advances cease, we would be overwhelmed by the problems.

Help wanted:

Please advise if any of the links are faulty, or if there is a link I have not found to the companies unlinked. I am looking for links to the company's own web page, not news pages run by other people. I am not that familiar with unit trusts and mutual funds - any suggestions would be appreciated, but do see my note at the end. Email me by clicking here.

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