Decontamination methods

Decontamination Supplies

Phase 1 trial of vaccine due 4th quarter 2006


Aimed at the medical profession
Method of Spread

Decontamination Supplies

Virology web site

A rapid test for detection of Norovirus

Order a Norovirus Test

A detailed referenced article.

A further list of articles.

E U site on food born virus research.

Public Education
About the Norovirus


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New York State Department of Health

Lambton County Health Department

Where does Norovirus Come From?

Imaging the Norovirus Virus

Imaging the Norovirus Virus

Places where the Norovirus can spread

Illinois Department of Public health

News Reports
BBC: vaccine hope

BBC: hospital warning

BBC: hospitals

BBC: hospitals

Military Report

CNN: sports teams

Virus rattles cruise industry

Alaskan cruise industry report

Genetic Immunity

Vaccine paper published January 2004

Ligocyte Pharmaceuticals Funding Continues: June 2004

A Vaccine

Another Vaccine

A Vaccine using modified potatos

Another report on the potato vaccine

A Vaccination Trial

Genetic Code

"Medinfo" suggests treatment with bismuth salts

Protecting Water Supplies

Avoid Milk if you are infected

Emetophobia Information Resource

Review of anti-emetics

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