formerly known as the Norwalk Virus

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The Norovirus (formerly known as the Norwalk Virus) is a particularly repulsive virus that reproduces by coupling with a human host and inducing vomiting. The purpose of this is to spread millions of virus particles into the air which contaminate other people to continue the process.

Although usually self limiting, the disease can be fatal to frail people or very young or very old people.

I am not a doctor, but have created this web site so that information on preventing, treating and hopefully eventually exterminating this class of viruses, can be grouped together in one place.

If the disease could be halted in its early stages, then obviously it cannot spread. Therefore treatments would be helpful, but at the time of starting this site the official literature has none. From memory, I do recall reading somewhere that anti-emetics such as motion sickness pharmaceuticals offered some help. I have not found any literature that suggests the actual mechanism by which the virus induces it reproductive act. If it is done by generating a toxin, an anti-toxin for the substance involved may be worth considering as part of a treatment or preventative for those who consider that they may have been exposed to contamination.

Again, at the time of writing I know of no herbal palliatives, although preparations such a ginger or artichoke have been claimed to help with digestive disorders.

A vaccine was proposed in 2000. A phase I clinical safety trial of another vaccine is due in the fourth quarter of 2006. Details can be found here. It would obviously be useful in schools or hospitals or for the military. The virus has been known to disable large numbers of troops in some theatres of war. The United Devices electronic chemistry projects could possibly find a vaccine or treatment in the same way they helped with this research for Anthrax if it were possible to persuade them.

In the meantime, readers interested in wiping this horrible virus from out planet can communicate via the Yahoo Group set up for this purpose, and hopefully a profitable discussion will emerge to this end.