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Contents are provided for information only, under the right to free speech. Opinions are the authors' own. No professional advice is intended. If you wish others to be legally responsible for your health, life or finances, then please consult a professional regulated according to the laws of your country.

Volume 1 no 1. First published March 1987, updated July 1987. ISSN 0964-5659.

Status Report from Longevity Books.

I became interested in life extension about twenty years ago, but only since the late 1970s began studying it in any detail. It became apparent that those that were interested in avoiding death and old age were in a tiny but significant minority around the world.

I started to contact them through various free media such as letters to the editor of computer magazines. The written word as opposed to media such as broadcasting and public meetings are sore suited to my personality, so a natural extension to this was to start an organisation selling books on the subject. As I already had a company formed, I started Longevity Books as a division of this company. Longevity Books is an eccentric organisation in that its aims are

  1. To promote life extension and
  2. to sake money

in that order. It is not expected to show a real profit for quite some time, because of the costs of acquiring new clients. The real benefit should be seen by all of us. This benefit is that all those. interested in life extension can be kept in contact with each other and with developments that say help them.

The circulation of the catalogue is still very small, and it is a welcome event when a really keen Life-Extensionist is discovered. The catalogue is intended to be a useful reference in itself, with chapter headings of all books being given. Readers can use it as a guide to borrowing books from a library should they so wish. However a library may not get an unusual book or take ages doing so.

Proper advertising in health magazines has now been in operation for a year. The mailing list is now over 1100 people and nearly 150 have bought something or specifically requested to be kept informed. Whilst this is obviously not a show of rip-roaring business success, this has been part of a considerable step forward in life extension in the British Isles over the year. There is now a fledgling cryonics company in operation. (Mizar Ltd) and Life Extension Products Ltd is now in full swing as the first company selling nutritional supplements whose directors are actively in favour of extending the human lifespan by appreciable amounts. They have now developed to a point where they can take full page advertisements in health magazines.

The business is still stall enough to allow for substantial cost savings to be made such as not em toying staff and using second hand nailing materials. These savings are passed directly to the customers in order to distribute as such life extension material to the public as possible. The more people there are interested, the better chance there is of good facilities developing in this country.

Future Growth.

Life extension is not going to be a popular subject with the establishment, and it is up to individuals to see the concept grow. Therefore it is in every customer's interest to introduce as many new customers as possible by word of mouth. If these new customers in turn introduce more, then eventually everyone who is going to be interested in life extension will be in contact with Longevity Books and thereby in touch with the latest developments at Mizar and Life Extension Products, as well as any new boos that will be appearing, such as Conrad Scbneiker's Nano Computing.

It takes people some considerable time to assimilate the ideas of life extension and especially cryonic suspension, In fact Mizar is for too small to send double dazing type salesmen around to bother people. Although Mizar is perfectly sound, many people will worry that contact with such an unusual organisation could lead to trouble.

Longevity Books can act as a source of information on the progress of cryonics to those who are interested but are worried about direct contact with the individuals involved. I am certainly not going to bother as I deal almost exclusively by mail, and unwanted letters can easily be discarded: (At least they subsidise the Post Office and keep the costs of stamps down)

In order to expand out customer base we are obtaining names from like minded organisations. This appears to be one of the most cost effective methods of obtaining new clients. This introductory issue of Longevity Report is nailed to all who enquire with Life Extension Products, and the Crystal Research foundation have kindly let us rent their Mailing list. We would be grateful for information on arty similar organisation that may be willing to help.

Skills Register.

I am sometimes asked by friends in the life extension movements in America to find people to do various things for it. Such tasks are usually well paid. In March 1987 the Church of Venturism wanted someone to rum a stall at the 45th World Sci-Fi Conference in Cambridge, England), 7 August-1 September. $100 expenses was offered, and the stall could have been shared with another subject. Closing date for stalls was 1 May. So there was an opportunity to reduce expenses if you would otherwise cave been interested in taking a stall for your own purposes. The Venturists wanted books Ralph's Journey and free magazines distributed. Click for a description of Venturism. Briefly, it is a religion that requires its congregation

  1. To do what is right,
  2. to apply and promote technology for the abolition of death.

If you would like to let us know of your skills or business activities then I can keep you informed of any opportunities that may arise with no obligation, of course. This will be a skills list, not a volunteer list! It will not be published and will only be used to advise people on it of opportunities.

Future issues of Longevity Report.

Technical news on the life extension movement is well covered by a subscription to Life Extension Report, and at our new price is not to be missed. Mizar Ltd publish an ad hoc newsletter a bit better than this one that comes out roughly bimonthly for 5, and this gives the state of cryonics in the UK, and general philosophical articles. Longevity Report will aim to fill in the gaps and bring you additional news and keep you informed of all major developments. There will, however, be space for anything else you, the readers wand. Far example, Readers' letters. adverts, buy/sell trade or private, personal, pen-friends etc. There is no limit on the size of the newsletter, although obviously if it got big I may have to make some charge to cover materials.

The issues dated April and May 1897 contain news from America and a round up of the month's magazines. April's issue contains news of two special offers we made during May. June, July & August contain chemistry notes and articles on subjects such as how to obtain prescription medicine quite legally without prescription, body-building, etc.

At the moment there is no set frequency of appearance, so I would make no charge for adverts, but equally, as with all similar publications I offer no payment for articles. All you get is to see your name in pint. Obviously I do not guarantee to publish anything. Offerings that are legible and legal stand the best chance. Something that is type-written or computer printed and can be copied directly is the best medium.


In the first years of the new millennium, we see that both Mizar Ltd and Life Extension Products Ltd have come and gone. However instead there is Cryonics Europe, and the Life Extension Foundation have a web site that sells direct to the UK using credit cards. The ideals of selling books and generating skills registers never reached any positive end, but Longevity Report continues on the web, and is the only cryonics related publication that has most of its issues available on the web. The best source of life extension information is the LEF web site which is searchable. Books remain closed unless their contents are read into a mind which can remember them in detail. A web site can be accessed at any time using its search engine.

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