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Venturist Articles
Venturist Newsletter
Table of World-Wide Known Living Supercentenarians
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Exterminate the The Norwalk "Winter Vomiting" Virus.
Quantitative analysis of human longevity
Cryonics articles from Funeral Service Journal 1987-1995
Cryonics Organisations, Signing up etc.
European Cryonics Support Group
Society for the Promotion of Nutritional Therapy
Old columns: Zehse's Cuttings    Comments from Cornwall
General Interest items, of possible value to longevists.
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Contents are provided for information only, under the right to free speech. Opinions are the authors' own. No professional advice is intended. If you wish others to be legally responsible for your health, life or finances, then please consult a professional regulated according to the laws of your country.

Article submissions for future issues are welcomed. Longevity Report is concerned with facts that help people in the war on suffering, ageing and death. We are not concerned with personalities and who is right. We do publish way out ideas and hopefully where they are wrong people will be able to correct them in a manner which will help us reach out to our goal - to make ageing and death optional.

Only fools fight in burning houses, and everyone on earth is living in a burning house - their own bodies which will case to exist and thereby causing annihilation of the program and data (=soul) therein.

note - graphics that were in the paper editions have been deleted in order to save web space. They were just there to liven it up, they were not illustrations or figures.

A column entitled "Zehse's Cuttings" has been deleted form these issues in order that all the times may be put together in one so that it can have a hypertext contents list. Click on the link in order to read it. It contains a large number of very short items of interests to immortalists etc drawn from newspapers over a period from November 1989 to June 1993. Many are of a jokey nature, although there is some serious stuff here too and it is interesting to note how some things regarded as "new" later were, in fact, not so new really after all!

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Longevity Report 1

Volume 1 no 1. First published March 1987. ISSN 0964-5659

Status Report
Future growth
Skills Register
Future Issues

Longevity Report 2

Volume 1 no 2. First published April 1987. ISSN 0964-5659

Status Report
UK Longevity News
American Government and Life
Magazine Round-up
Final Comment

Longevity Report No 18

November 1989
Status Report
John de Rivaz
(letter) Mark Davies
The Mike Zehse Letter
Mike Zehse
The Cats Ate the Rats and the Rats Ate the Cats
Bob Brakeman
Religion (letter)
Edward P. Bell
Adventures with Hydergina
M. Sankey
Germanium Scare
John de Rivaz
Locating a Biostasis Centre
James V--
Ginko Biloba and Hydergine
Steve Gallant
Geopathic Stress and Rotating Magnets
Suzanne R. Stebbing

The following items, present in the printed edition, are not available in Electronic Format:

Lifepact: an Update Linda Chamberlain
Unemployment, State Support, and Cryonics (letter) Brian Haines

Longevity Report 19

January 1990
Status Report Format, travel, subscription increase
John de Rivaz
Letters Names, book exchange, Karate
Three Friends
David Pizer
The Future of Companion Animals
John de Rivaz
Investment and Cryonics
Benjamin Best
Future Revival with the Help of Information
Klaus Reinhard
Pre-Mortem Freezing - the L.A. Law Episode Anonymous (not available in electronic format)
The Brian Haines Letter
Brian Haines
The Mike Zehse Letter
Mike Zehse
Who the Hell are these Six Jailbirds?
David Pizer


March 1990
Alcor UK Opens New Facility
Alan Sinclair
Status Report
John de Rivaz
Letters Karate, BHT, Aluminium
Emigration Opportunity
and Time Capsule Launch David Pizer
Proposal for International Cooperation In Cryonic Suspension
John de Rivaz
Zehse's Cuttings

Lifepact Unveil Video Package John de Rivaz
Homoeopathy and Longevity
Cryonics in Australia
John de Rivaz
Venturist News
John de Rivaz
Feverfew - Miracle Herb

Longevity Report 21 (May 1990) was lost in electronic format. It had been stored on 3 5,1/4" disks using the Fullback backup system, and this is apparently unable to store data reliably. Many of the older Longevity Reports were stored successfully either Pkzipped or on Doublespaced disks.


August 1990
Further Discussions on the International Cooperation Proposal
R.C.W. Ettinger
Identity and Death
Mike Morley
Status Report
John de Rivaz
Readers Articles
(Get published in magazines!)
Letters (Time, reply to Longevity Now, lost issues, eyesight, correction )
Alisomar Conference

Incentives for Reanimation
Ben Best
Zehse's Cuttings
Guys and Dolls and Damon
Bob Brakeman

Longevity Report 23

Volume 3 no 23. First published October 1990. ISSN applied for.
Here the Snakes Hang Thick from the Cypress Trees
... Bob Brakeman
Status Report
John de Rivaz
Comments from Liverpool
(Space Settlement and others) James V--

Rose Hips
Brian Haines
Letters (Adrafinil, Water Filters, Identity, SOD, H2O2

A Theory of Finance for Cryonic Suspension
Benjamin Best
The Vinpocetine Story OMT (note - this link puts you into LR62,where an updated reprint appeared)
Venturist News
Gene Therapy John de Rivaz

Longevity Report 24

Volume 3 no 24. First published December 1990. ISSN applied for.
Robert Loius Stevenson's Finest Hour
Bob Brakeman
Dr Donaldson's New Science Newsletter
John de Rivaz
European Cryonics Conference Report
Brian Blair-Giles
Zehse's Cuttings
Letters (Dr John Walford, Mike Zehse)
Two Girls Looking Down from the Bluffs
Bob Brakeman


Volume 3 no 25. First published February 1991. ISSN applied for.

Letters (Imports, cryonics, semantics)
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
Bob Brakeman
Comments on Cryonics Finance
Jim Yount
Cryonics Cartoon Anon (not present in web version)
Status Report
(Renewal time again!) John de Rivaz
Who Needs Tahiti
Bob Brakeman

Amrit Kalash John E. Smith
Postmortem Signup Assistance
Trygve B. Bauge

Longevity Report 26

Volume 3 no 26. First published April 1991. ISSN applied for.
Beyond DMSO
Steve Gallant
And the Hunter Home From the Hill
Bob Brakeman

RTL Offers Low Cost World Wide Video Conversion John de Rivaz
Alcor Disowns Bauge

Oramedics and Cryonics PAL Videos For Sale

Skin Aging and Tretinoin
A Survey of Food Pertaining to Longevity
Mark Sunlin
Postmortem Signup Assistance
Trygve B. Bauge

Longevity Report 27

Volume 3 no 27. First published June 1991. ISSN applied for.
The Saga of Charlie Amlin Bob Brakeman
Venturist News
The First Biostasis Operation in Germany Klaus Reinhard
Letters Cow Pox, Pharmaceutical Imports, Alcor vs CI, Bauge's ser vices, poems
Postmortem Signup Assistance Trygve B. Bauge
"And Hell Followed With Him" Bob Brakeman
Mark Sunlin Changes his Mind Mark Sunlin & John de Rivaz
Frankly I'm Very Scared Bob Brakeman
Lyophilisation A plan to create an affordable alternative to cryonics. Yvan Bozzonetti
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 28

Volume 3 no 28. First published August 1991. ISSN applied for.
I've Laughed and Loved in the Summertime Bob Brakeman
Early Cryonics Book re-Issued
Pre-mortem Biostasis Douglas Skrecky
Death Insurance Douglas Skrecky
Cheap Growth Hormone Yvan Bozzonetti
Points from the Press Yvan Bozzonetti
Letters Bob Brakeman's articles, Good news on Freeze Drying
Periastron on Mummification
Health Now - Freeze Later Brian Haines
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 29

Volume 3 no 29. First published October 1991. ISSN applied for.
Which are the Higher Primates - Scientists or Baboons? Bob Brakeman
Some Meditations on Lyophilisation Douglas Skrecky
Letters Discussion re Bob Brakeman, Mandelbrot Set, Growth Hormone, Euthanasia and more
Ozzie and Harriett meet Dr Frankenstein Bob Brakeman
Periastron - A Broader Definition of Nanotechnology
Life Extension Remarks Yvan Bozzonetti
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 30

Volume 3 no 30. First published December 1991. ISSN 0964-5659.
Medical Ethics Brian Haines
Letters Insects, Time, Freedom to smoke others' lungs
Periastron on Freezing Damage
Anti Death Ethics in Strange Places Bob Brakeman
Immortality - Liberty's Final Frontier David Nicholas

(not available in Web issue)
The Freezer, The Furnace, and The Grave Steve Whitrow
One Chasmosaurus, Please Yvan Bozzonetti
Comments on Freeze Drying and Related Topics R.C.W. Ettinger
Zehse's Cuttings
High Speed Desiccation Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 31

Volume 3 no 31. First published February 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.
Seeking the Fountain of Youth Douglas Skrecky
My Arrangements for Cryonic Suspension Steve Whitrow
About BHT and Similar Products Yvan Bozzonetti
Letters my boy-jail school, the human heritage of suffering and death, At my school, Perfumes and Allergens
America Needs More Hostile Attitudes Bob Brakeman
Organ Transplantation Douglas Skrecky
A Monthly Meeting of Alcor UK Ltd Brian Blair-Giles
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 32

Volume 4 no 32. First published April 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.
A Squeezed Way to a New Life Yvan Bozzonetti
An Article That Will Lift You Out of the Doldrums Bob Brakeman
Letters science, Open University course on Death and Dying, Rappers or Rapers, vitamins might be taken off the market, Are we really responsible for good health or is it nothing more than good luck, finite life is pointless
Periastron and Dr Donaldson's Court Report
Choices for the Metabolically Disadvantaged Steve Whitrow
A Rising Threat to Our Right to Buy Vitamins
Green Longevity Yvan Bozzonetti
Cryonics - a Mother's Initial Thoughts Chrissie Loveday
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 33

Volume 4 no 33. First published June 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.

Taking Stock Brian W. Haines
Why Do We Age Douglas Skrecky
The Cause of Ageing Douglas Skrecky
Cryonics End Yvan Bozzonetti
Glittering at Night With a Million Lights Bob Brakeman
New Age Medicine Brian W. Haines
God and Cryonics Marie McNulty
Letters (Cancer, God, Religion)
Recent Research and Diabetics Douglas Skrecky
Me, My Doctors, and HRT Chrissie Loveday
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 34

Volume 4 no 34. First published August 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.
Letters Anti Aging Products Life Expectancy Brakeman God Balderdash Procrastination Lawyers
German Hospitals Let Patients Rot Klaus Reinhard
Jesus Was an Immortalist Dr Thomas Donaldson
Life Regardless of Cost Chrissie Loveday
Crackdown on Vitamins is Four Months Away! SPNT
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 35

Volume 4 no 35. First published October 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.

How to Failure Proof Cryonics Douglas Skrecky
Breaking the Death Barrier Brian W. Haines
Too Many People Have Died Bob Brakeman
Vitrification Douglas Skrecky
Deprenyl may Help Nerve Damage John de Rivaz
Vitamin E Story Douglas Skrecky
ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Douglas Skrecky
Cryonics - Why Me? Chrissie Loveday
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 36

Volume 4 no 36. First published December 1992. ISSN 0964-5659.
Looking Good Douglas Skrecky

Letters: Gangster Rap, Investing in Immortalism, Trees, Falling on Hard Times, Acetone, 4th Cryonics group
PICS News John de Rivaz
It Does not Work Yvan Bozzonetti
Vitamin E May Prevent Brain Damage Douglas Skrecky
On the Beech Yvan Bozzonetti
Time Machine Construction Douglas Skrecky
French Prison Sentences Set Serious Precedent for FDA John de Rivaz
The Agathis Austalis (Kauri) Story. Yvan Bozzonetti
Some Thoughts on Ageism Chrissie Loveday
How You Could Take it With You John de Rivaz
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 37

Volume 4 no 37. First published February 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.

Dental Review Dr Gabriel Landini, Dr Odont, PhD
Laser Scanning for Dental Surgery
John de Rivaz
Taking it With You - 2
John de Rivaz

Letters - Trees, Technology Shops, Swiss Banks, Acetone, Exercise, God
Ivory Castles
Brian Haines
A One-a-Day May Keep the Doctor Away
Douglas Skrecky
Cold War
Yvan Bozzonetti
Deprenyl, Morton Schulman and Me
Ben Best


Volume 5 no 38. First published April 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.
Specific Cold Vaccine Cook Book
Yvan Bozzonetti
Dessication as Cryonic Insurance
Douglas Skrecky
Permafrost Burial
Douglas Skrecky
More on AIDS Contaminated Blood
John de Rivaz
Potassium Cures Kidney Stones
Douglas Skrecky
Do Monkeys Get Ulcers
Douglas Skrecky

Letters: Indoctrinating the Young, Trees, Christians' interest in God as a concept
DIY Taxol Kit
Yvan Bozzonetti
A Mother's Thoughts on Genes and Immortality
Chrissie Loveday
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Douglas Skrecky
Time Communications
Yvan Bozzonetti
Zehse's Cuttings


Volume 5 no 39. First published June 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.
A Possible Cure for Alzheimer's Disease
Douglas Skrecky
Are the Permafrost Patients Dead?
Klaus Reinhard
Chronic Fatige Update
Douglas Skrecky
Mathematical Life Extension
Yvan Bozzonetti

Letters: Haloperidol, God, Creation of Evil, Cryonics, DNA Suspension, "Nanonics",Periastron, Veins
Coenzyme NADH: A Potential Life Extension Agent
. Steven Gallant
What is Life
Yvan Bozzonetti
Have it Your Way - Use a Trust
Adolfo S. Pichardo
Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 40

Volume 5 no 40. First published August 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.
Mood and Micronutrients
Douglas Skrecky
Are the Permafrost Patients Dead
? - A Reply Douglas Skrecky
Is Time Money?
Yvan Bozzonetti
Prostates and Papayas
Douglas Skrecky

Letters: Conifers, computers, brain supplements, Periastron, Apogee,nanotechnology,intertia/apathy
Doctor Patient Relationships in Modern Society
Dr Keith Monnington
Venturists Plan Major Drive Against Superstition.
John de Rivaz
Who'll Scrub my Back
? Chrissie Loveday
An Ideal Trust
John de Rivaz
A Cryonics Lecture to Funeral Directors
Brian Blair-Giles

Longevity Report 41

Volume 5 no 41. First published October 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.
m Douglas Skrecky
Black Flag
Yvan Bozzonetti
Priorities for Cryonics Research
Klaus Reinhard

Book Review: Project Mind David S. Devor
Letters: Gene Therapy, Psychiatric medication, Subject of cryonics, time
An ESP Speculation - C-Time
Yvan Bozzonetti
Super-Centenarians Are Made Not Born
Edward Yarwood
Cryonics and Cranks
Chrissie Loveday
Why Immortalists Should Support Terra Libra
Frederick Mann
The Time Travel Tourist Industry
Charles Applebye
A Trust That Lasts Forever?
Brain Haines

Longevity Report 42

Volume 5 no 42. First published December 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.

Super-Centenarians Are Made Not Born Edward Yarwood
Letters: Visit to FA Albin & Sons, Flurbiprofen, Terra Libra, Bozzonetti personal reports
Terra Libra Progress Report Frederick Mann
Dental Health Douglas Skrecky
Vitamin E Prevents Coronary Disease Douglas Skrecky
A Brief History of Death Brian Haines
What Will They Think? Chrissie Loveday
Cryonics to Nanonics - Everlasting life (Poem) Brian Blair Giles
But What if it Does Work? Paul Michaels

Longevity Report 43

Volume 5 no 43. First published February 1994. ISSN 0964-5659.

Super-Centenarians Are Made Not Born Edward Yarwood
In Defence of ESP Brian Haines
Letters: Haloperidol experiences, Do- as-you-would-be-done-by, Television reports, ending Lungsmoking
Periastron update
The Great Immortalist Hit Parade Quote Machine And Trivia Contest Bob Brakeman
The Miraculous Origin of Terrestrial Life Douglas Skrecky
Vascular Dementia & Potassium Douglas Skrecky
Time News Yvan Bozzonetti
A Longevist View of a Church Magazine John de Rivaz
Hearing is Believing Chrissie Loveday

Longevity Report 44

Volume 6 no 44. First published April 1994. ISSN 0964-5659.

ESP Cooling Yvan Bozzonetti
Is Superstition an Illness Yvan Bozzonetti
Dead Man's Curve Bob Brakeman
Dental Products Douglas Skrecky

Letters: The last word on Haloperidol. The Fractals of Gods and Men.
Neurocryobiology Needs Papers
A Novel Treatment for Migraine Douglas Skrecky
The Origin of Life Douglas Skrecky
A Possible Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis Douglas Skrecky
Taurine versus hepatitis B Douglas Skrecky
Who is Right? Chrissie Loveday
Aspirin News Yvan Bozzonetti
Some Ideas About Alzheimer's Disease Yvan Bozzonetti
Magnetic Therapy for Senile Dementia Douglas Skrecky
A Reply to Klaus Reinhard Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 45

Volume 6 no 45. First published June 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.

Dental Products Douglas Skrecky
Terror Libris Brian Haines
Am I the Mug? Brian Haines
Terra Libra Progress Report Frederick Mann

Not present in htm edition, as it was not presented in electronic format. Link provides access to a site which is successor of terra Libra .
Swap Country Yvan Bozzonetti
Astronomical Conservation Yvan Bozzonetti
Socialising with the Czar Bob Brakeman

Letters: Shark Cartilage and Rock Salmon, Silica Warning, "Host", DMSO
A Touch of DIY Medicine Brain Haines
Living On Brain Haines
Caffeine, Chelation, and Melatonin Douglas Skrecky
Longevity Report's Reviews New Hope International
Me? A Grandparent? Chrissie Loveday

Longevity Report 46

Volume 6 no 46. First published August 1994. ISSN 0964-5659.

Living for Old Age Brian Haines
The Lincoln Kid Bob Brakeman
Letters Conifers, astronomy, Terra Libra, Periastron,
Cryonics Recovery Yvan Bozzonetti
Project Mind Foundation David Devor
Beta Carotene Douglas Skrecky
Freeze (Partial) Drying Yvan Bozzonetti
Ginkgo Biloba Douglas Skrecky
Avoiding Blindness Douglas Skrecky
Saving Communism Yvan Bozzonetti
Project for Permafrost Burials In Russian Lapland Dr Michael Soloviev
It's Media Time Again, Folks! Chrissie Loveday
CD Review: Immortal Music

Longevity Report 47

Volume 6 no 47. First published October 1994. ISSN 0964-5659.
Letters Cryonics Institute, Smoking, DNA, Fish Oils, Project Mind, Vitamin D-3, Colds can Cause Heart Failure, Trees
From prions to nanotechnology Yvan Bozzonetti
The American Frontier and Cryonics by Bob Brakeman
Preventing Osteoporosis Douglas Skrecky
A Cure for Osteoarthritis? Douglas Skrecky
Science Can Become Holistic - A Possible Utopia David Devor
Pay Now, Die Later Brian W. Haines
Communication Chrissie Loveday
The Sless Case and Magna Carta Brian W. Haines

Longevity Report 48

Volume 6 no 48. First published December 1994. ISSN 0964-5659.

Letters: What Others Think of Us. Estate Planning. Bagula's "Cross" Freeze and dry later
Liquid Nitrogen Storage - A Reply R.C.W. Ettinger
Free Radicals and Disease John V. Vilkaitis
From XXX to Chinchilla. Yvan Bozzonetti
Aphrodisiacs Douglas Skrecky
Women In Cryonics - Some Thoughts from a Relative Newcomer Chrissie Loveday
Financing Cryonics with Real Estate. Yvan Bozzonetti
Aggressive Atheism Charles Bradlaugh
Atomic Printers Or Time Estimation Of Atom-by-atom Brain Assembling Dr Michael Soloviov
More Dental Pharmacology Douglas Skrecky
Suggestions For Russian Permafrost Burial Project Douglas Skrecky
Give Yourself Muscle with Creatine Brian W. Haines
IQ Type Mutagens May Be The Major Dietary Carcinogens Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 49

Volume 6 no 49. First published February 1995. ISSN 0964-5659.

Letters Cryonics conference
Is your Label User- friendly Chrissie Loveday
The Only Movie Star Robert Brakeman
Of Life and Death Brian W. Haines
The Many Faces of Ageing Yvan Bozzonetti
Response to Stephen Barrett on Vitamin C Yvan Bozzonetti
Real Estate. Internet
Pharmaceutical notes- Beta Carotene, Chromium, Retin-A, Herbs and Lupus Douglas Skrecky
Fractals, Mind, and High Energy Physics Yvan Bozzonetti

Longevity Report 50

Volume 7 no 50. First published March 1995. ISSN 0964- 5659.
All at the Press of a Button Chrissie Loveday
Hair Loss Patents Dr Peter Proctor
The Dark Side of Linus Pauling's Legacy Dr Stephen Barrett
Response to Attack on Linus Pauling Peter C. Everett, Steven Fowkes, and John Hammell
FDA Response to the Magnesium Catastrophe Paul Mason
Human Longevity Genes and Sexual Difference in Lifespan Dr Leonid A. Gavrilov
Coenzyme Q10 Cures Breast Cancer Douglas Skrecky
The Breakdown of Government Harry Browne
Xanthophylls & Macular Degeneration Douglas Skrecky
Peace and Quiet Douglas Skrecky
Thoughts on The Prospect of Immortality Robin Helweg-Larsen
What Would Happen if Cryonics Became a Profession Keith F. Lynch
Low Cost Nanotechnology Yvan Bozzonetti
Arresting Migraine, and other pain control Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 51

Listening and Hearing Chrissie Loveday
: Evolution, Manchester Conference

Keeping up with the Technology
Brian Haines
Clear Thinking on Promoting Life Extension
Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD
Ginkgo Biloba Versus Alzheimer's Disease
Douglas Skrecky
Reasons to Reject Cryonics
David Stodolsky
The Purpose of Life
Michael R. Davis M.S.
The New World View
Brian W. Haines
Reply to Mr Haines Patrick El-Azem
The Terra Libra Superorganism and the Freedom Meme
Mark Lindsay
Life Extension An Orthodox Medical View
Part One Keith Monnington, M.D.
Mental Health Roundup
Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 52

Roxithromycin and its Uses Dr Keith Monnington
Human Longevity Past, Present and Future
Dr Leonid A.Gavrilov et al
The Brave New World
Brian W. Haines
Feedback in Cryonics
Brian Wowk
Bed Time? Sleep Time?
Chrissie Loveday
Assisted Suicide Laws
Steve Bridge
Evolution and the Human Condition
Jim Rice
The Politics of Breathing
John de Rivaz
The Tech Singularity - The Timescale of Nanotechnology
Dani Elder
Life Extension - an Orthodox Medical View Part II
Dr Keith Monnington
Religious Memes
Jim Davidson and others
A Possible Cure for Osteoarthritis
Douglas Skrecky
As Others See Us
New Hope International
Wine Drinking and Lifespan
Dr Keith Monnington
Cryonics, Cryptography, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Dr Ralph C. Merkle

Longevity Report 53

Volume 9 no 53. First published December 1995. ISSN 0964-5659.
The Puzzle of the Non- Signups Dr Mike Perry
Attitude Change and Terror Management
Dr David S. Stodolsky
Chrissie Loveday
Dr Steve Harris, MD
The Re-creationists
Brian W. Haines
Longevity Hypertext
Dennis Fink
Future Health
Dr Clifford A. Pickover
Novel Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Douglas Skrecky
The New Vitamin C
Yvan Bozzonetti
Yvan Bozzonetti
Cryostasis Delays
R.C.W. Ettinger
Unconscious Deathism
Frederick Mann
Immortalist Philosophy
Don Ashley
Why not a Straight Freeze
Steve Bridge
Prospects of Revival
Brian Wowk
The Medical Self-Care Certificate
Bob Chapel, MSW, RN
The state of medicine
Mike Darwin
On Prices and Pricing
John Javilk
A Guide to Anti-Ageing Drugs
Book review Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 54

Volume 10 no 54. First published March 1996. ISSN 0964-5659.
Our newest, best ever.... Chrissie Loveday
Lung Cancer: Was It Really the Beta-Carotene?
Jack Challem
Determinants of Human Longevity
Dr Leonid A. Gavrilov
Charity - a Fast Lane to Death
Brenda Goodwin
Antibiotic Resistance
Dr Martin Hugh-Jones
Towards Justice
Brian W. Haines
A Random Tought
Brian W. Haines
Dead Doctors Don't Lie
John E. Tierney
Tomatoes & Strawberries Prevent Cancer
Douglas Skrecky
Sucrose Polyester
Douglas Skrecky
CT-2584, a Kinder Cancer drug
Yvan Bozzonetti
Life Extension with Toxic Products?
Yvan Bozzonetti
Relativistic Thermodynamics From Intermediate Nanomachines
. Yvan Bozzonetti

Longevity Report 55

Volume 10 no 54. First published March 1996. ISSN 0964-5659.
Who Should I Believe? Chrissie Loveday
The Revival of Longevity Genetics Leonid A.Gavrilov et al
The Quality of Life After Cryonics Mark Muhlestein
Cryonics and Population Peter Merel
Bad Law vs Cryonics Robert C.W. Ettinger
A Tasty Vegetarian Health Shake Dr Steven B. Harris, M.D.
A recipe for intelligence John K. Clark
Quantum Computers John K. Clark
Correspondence on The Purpose of Life Michael R. Davis
Ribavirin, Antibiotics, Colds and Influenza (various)
Lifespan and Survival Time Mike Darwin
Why be immortal? Deck Hazen
Population Growth and Declining Death Rates Gregory Bloom
DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) Doug McKee
Resistance To Immortality Concepts Don Ashley
Fostering Public Understanding of Cryonics Brian Wowk
Paris IPSEN Conference Samuel Cronin
Exercise, Calories and genes Doug Skrecky
The Big Health Fraud Brian W. Haines

Longevity Report 56

Volume 10 no 54. First published March 1996. ISSN 0964-5659.
Out of the Freezer, Into the Alcohol. Chrissie Loveday
Onward into the Information Age
Specific Decrease in Longevity of Daughters by Old Fathers
Leonid A.Gavrilov et al
End Of The AGEs. Yvan Bozzonetti
Book Review: Visualizing Biological Information Dr Gabriel Landini
Life Extension Notes Douglas Skrecky
Deprenyl and Life Extension Douglas Skrecky
Can Computing Devices Beat Physical Laws? Yvan Bozzonetti
What is Chaos Yvan Bozzonetti
The Prometheus Project Paul Wakfer
Atheists Discuss Death Michael M. Rosenblatt
Divergent Model of Aging? Negligible Senescence in Long-Lived Fishes John C. Guerin
The British Columbia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act Boris P Gimbarzevsky
Investment after Nanotechnology Brad Templeton
Cellular Ageing Oliver Bogler
Storing DNA Samples and Biographical Information Dr Mike Perry

Longevity Report 57

Volume 10 no 57. First published December 1996. ISSN 0964-5659.
New Arrangements for Longevity Report
Accepting the Unacceptable Chrissie Loveday
The Mechanism of Human Longevity Leonid A.Gavrilov et al
What Others Think
Alan Hardy, Ian King, Sam Smith
Terror Management Tim Freeman
Liberty versus Freedom
Eric Szuter
Brain Geometry
Yvan Bozzonetti
Two Photons Interferometers
Yvan Bozzonetti
Miscellaneous Round-up Douglas Skrecky
Freeze Drying a Brain,
PBS/Melatonin Extends the Lifespan of Diabetic Mice,
Life Expectancy Statistics
Maximum Lifespan
Successful Biotin Treatment of Diabetes
Caloric Restriction, Glycemic Index and Diabetes
Dinh Lang Extends Lifespan,
DNA-RNA Chloroform Injections Increase lifespan 144%,
Variations on a Straight Freeze
Avoiding Hunger
Can Lycopene Delay Ageing,
Beware Calcium Channel Blockers,
Can Phosphagain delay age-related frailty?
Beware skin creams with vitamin E.
How Can Anti-Aging Become a National Priority? Tim Freeman
The Scientific Debate Over Cryonics
Randy Smith
Ban Dihydroigen Monoxide, the Invisible Killer Eugene Leitl

Longevity Report 58

Volume 11 no 58. First published March 1997. ISSN 0964-5659
Welcome to the New Longevity Report
Reanimation by Artificial Embryogeny Mikhail Soloviev
Side Effects of Excessive Vitamin C Scott Ballantyne
More on Liberty Versus Freedom Eric Szuter
Cell Storage Mike Perry
Forget about government, it's dead John K Clark
Life Shortening Effects of Sport Douglas Schwartz
Visser Method Clarification Michelle Olga Visser
A Better Cryonics Salesman Robert Ettinger
The "Ageing Removes Tyrants" Fallacy Tim Freeman
Public Opinion, Cryonics, and Legal Suicide Brad Templeton
Life Extension Supplement Test Douglas Skrecky
Drosophila Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Successful Organ Cryopreservation Experiments Professor Dirk J du Plessis
What's in a Genre Chrissie Loveday
Acetyl L-Carnitine Improves the Cognitive Function of Alzheimer's Patients Brian Rowley
Miscellaneous Round-up Douglas Skrecky
The Oldest Man
Herbal Teas
Vitamin A pregnancy warning
Would You Want to Live Forever? Jim Halperin

Longevity Report 59

Volume 11 no 59. First published May 1997. ISSN 0964-5659
Is ignorant freedom a good or bad thing? Brent Allsop
Vote for me and I'll ... Chrissie Loveday
Cremation and Burial Constitute A Passive Form of Suicide
Vegetarianism and Mortality Dr Keith Monnington
Comments on A Sensible and Valid Critique of Cryonics Brian Wowk
Cryonics in Fiction Dr Steve Harris
Longevity from Oil Waste Yvan Bozzonetti
My Visit to Yellowknife Douglas Skrecky
Lithium chloride and autoimmune reactions Douglas Skrecky
Second Update on My Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Fetal Mouse Hearts Revived Douglas Skrecky
How to Save Your Teeth Jim Foster
A Unique Method to Raise Funds Thomas G. Mahoney
Third Update on My Drosophila Experiments Douglas Skrecky
The Fourth Update on My Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
The Fifth Update on My Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 60

Volume 11 no 60. First published July 1997. ISSN 0964- 5659.
Parental Predictors of Human Longevity. Leonid A.Gavrilov and others
Comparison of Maternal and Paternal Effects on Human Longevity Leonid A.Gavrilov and others
Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
As others see us New Hope International
Microtech Or Nanotech ? Yvan Bozzonetti
Is Ignorant Freedom A Good Or Bad Thing? Brent Allsop

Longevity Report 61

Volume 11 no 61. First published September 1997. ISSN 0964-5659.
Complacency, John de Rivaz
Changes Chrissie Loveday
Genetic Manipulation of Lifespan John K Clark
Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Mice Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky
Cryonics or Mere Freezing? Yvan Bozzonetti
Hot Cryonics Douglas Skrecky
Antibiotics and the Fruit Fly Experiments Yvan Bozzonetti
What Does the Future Hold for Revived People? Roger L. Bagula

Longevity Report 62

Volume 11 no 62. First published November 1997. ISSN 0964-5659.
Today's The Day Chrissie Loveday
Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Ettinger's Ark Brent Allsop
Nutrition, Lifestyle, Genetics And Longevity Roger L. Bagula
Long-Evans Rat Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky
The Vinpocetine Story OMT

Longevity Report 63

Volume 11 no 63. First published January 1998. ISSN 0964-5659.

Longevity Report 64

Volume 11 no 64. First published March 1998. ISSN 0964- 5659.
from Mr James Ryley
From Dr John Walford, M.D.
Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Why Famous People Aren't Cryopreserved Charles Platt
A Cryonics Marketing Organisation? Berrie Staring
Robert Ettinger
What Price Freedom of Choice? Chrissie Loveday
AMAZON and Rockets Yvan Bozzonetti
As Others See Us New Hope International
Lecture at the University of Toronto Ben Best
C57BL/6J Mice Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky
Review of The First Immortal Fred Chamberlain

Longevity Report 65

Volume 11 no 65. First published May 1998. ISSN 0964- 5659.
Caloric Restriction Does not Slow Ageing in Humans Douglas Skrecky
Treatment With L-Deprenyl Prolongs Life in Elderly Dogs Douglas Skrecky
The Idea of Immortality and the Embalming of Lenin Mikhail Soloviev
Speedup Mike Perry
Growth of Cryonics Stephen Bogner
The Utility of Life Extension Robert Ettinger
Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
The Failure Of The Cryonics Movement Saul Kent
Robert Ettinger writes

Longevity Report 66

Volume 11 no 66. First published July 1998. ISSN 0964-5659

Click here if you want to buy a limited edition print
I Love the U.S.A! Chrissie Loveday
The Inexpensive Brain Freezing Initiative Fred Chamberlain
Vitamin B12, B6, and Folate Deficiencies Associated with Alzheimer's Disease May Not Be Correctable by Simple Dietary Supplementation Dr Andrew McCaddon, M.D.
Commentary on Revivication William L. Dye
21st Update on My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Non-Profit versus For-Profit Cryonics Art Quaife, with reply by Robert Ettinger
The Dangers of Iron Tom Matthews
Who needs money? Yvan Bozzonetti
Teleportation As Applied to Reanimation. Peter Kirby

Longevity Report 67

Volume 11 no 67. First published September 1998. ISSN 0964- 5659

Caloric Restriction with Adequate Nutrition Ben Best
Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Recruiting the Rich and Famous R.C.W. Ettinger
Celebrities And Credibility Saul Kent
A Quick fix for aging? R.C.W. Ettinger
Is Erythritol a Superior Cryoprotectant? Douglas Skrecky
Effect of Ginkgo on Life Span Douglas Skrecky
Depression and the State of the World Ruth E. Smith
Credible Evidence for Cryonics Isn't the Problem George C. Smith
Thoughts on Schindler's List Kennita Watson
As Others See Us New Hope International

Longevity Report 68

Volume 11 no 68. First published November 1998. ISSN 0964- 5659

The Guru of Genes Suresh Rattan, Knud Wilhelmsen
Comment on Near Death Experiences
Selling Cryonics Jeff Davis
Cryonics As Religion George Smith
Cryonics TV Commercials Jeff Davis
Logic and Selfishness R.C.W. Ettinger
You Haven't Changed a Bit! Chrissie Loveday

Longevity Report 69

Volume 11 no 69. First published January 1999. ISSN 0964- 5659

Nostalgia Isn't What it Used to Be! Chrissie Loveday
Dietary Treatment of Breast Cancer Doug Skrecky
Muscles Thomas Mahoney
Post-Mortem Lethal Genes Joao Pedro Magalhaes
Where Life Insurance Compensation Really Comes From Pearse Kelly
Trusts John de Rivaz
Seconds Robert Ettinger
A Treatment for BSE? Hugh Easton
The Future of Money George Smith
Book Review: Immortality by Ben Bova Olaf Henny
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Deborah Oney, MSW, MHA

Longevity Report 70

Volume 11 no 70. First published March 1999. ISSN 0964- 5659

Self-esteem George Smith
Some Reminders About Cryonics and Cryobiology Robert Ettinger
Growth in Cryonics Robert Ettinger
Odyssey of Knowledge Gary Lee Fletcher, L. Ac.
As Others See Us New Hope International
Comment on Excessive Vitamin C Gordon Mudd
A Look At the Past, Followed by A Look to the Future. Louis Epstein
How to Tame the "Weirdness" of Cryonics: An Idea Mark Galecki
Methylsulfonylmethane Robert Ettinger
Do We Have to Choose Between Meat and Computers? Raphael T. Haftka
Have a Nice Day Chrissie Loveday

Longevity Report 71

Volume 11 no 71. First published May 1999. ISSN 0964-5659

Let them rot? Robert Ettinger
Kubrick kaput Robert Ettinger
The Issue of "Death" Thomas Donaldson
Brain Damage Jeff Davis
Global Warming "Rebecca"
A New Face Says Hello John Grigg
What God Did "Guy Fawkes"
Life's Practical Decisions and Science Robert Ettinger
To Freeze or Not to Freeze? Chrissie Loveday
Government Funding of Research Aubrey de Grey
Cryonics and Christianity Thomas Donaldson
A Theory of Consciousness Chris Fedeli
Too Many Organizations? Henry R. Hirsch
Freeze Drying Douglas Skrecky
The Pick of Pickover John de Rivaz

Longevity Report 72

Volume 11 no 72. First published July 1999. ISSN 0964-5659

Have We Outgrown Religion's Purpose? Andrew Mulcahy
As Others See Us New Hope International Review
The Evolution of Aging Thomas Donaldson
Guide to Medical Devices Industry in China 1999 (English Ed.) Han Ying-Shan
Moravec A Plus for Cryonics? Robert Ettinger
Editorial Nothing from Chrissie this Time John de Rivaz
An Informal Report of Age Conference Highlights Ivy Greenwell
Book Review: The Meme Machine, by Dr Susan Blackmore John de Rivaz
Why I am not a Memeticist Peter Merel
Memetics Comments Chris Fedeli
Ernest Becker The Denial of Death and Alan Harrington's The Immortalist Richard Gillmann
Why Cryonics Isn't Popular Robin Hanson
Betrayal and Abandonment David Pascal

Longevity Report 73

Volume 11 no 73. First published August 1999. ISSN 0964-5659

I Think I May Have Become An Eclipse Chaser Chrissie Loveday
Why Most Choose Death George Smith
Bio-conservative or Techno-radical? David Pascal
Living to 100: Lessons in Living to Your Maximum Potential Age Jason A. Taylor
The Importance of the Concept of Self Thomas Donaldson
Reasoned Critiques of Popular Life Extension Strategies Kate Lindner
Advertising and Recruitment Robert Ettinger
Meme Storage in DNA Doug Klimesh
If We Don't Do It, Who Will? George Smith
People Ignore Cryonics Because it Makes Sense to Ignore it Raphael T. Haftka
An Opposite Point of View Brian Manning Delaney
An Open Letter to Coroners and Pathologists H. Wayne Logsdon

Longevity Report 74

Volume 11 no 74. First published November 1999. ISSN 0964-5659

But Will They Do It If We Don't? Steve Bridge
Religious Authority and Cryonics "Shiva"
Pure Intelligence John K Clark
What Science Can Achieve Thomas Donaldson
The Purpose of Life Robert Ettinger
Complete List of Non-CR Experiments Brian Manning Delaney
War is a Disease Roger L. Bagula
Opting out of Autopsies Dr Ivan Robinson, H. Wayne Logsdon, Zonggao Shi, Jeffrey Soreff, Jonathan W Hendry, David Lloyd-Jones, Shiva, Sue Smith and others

Longevity Report 75

Volume 11 no 75. First published January 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

The Lone Wolf Michael Darwin
The Public Image Chrissie Loveday
As Others See Us New Hope International
Feelings of Survivors Robert Ettinger
Is There Reason to Believe Tofu May Cause Brain Atrophy? Ian Williams Goddard
Abolish the FDA! Ian Williams Goddard
24th Update on Fly Longevity Experiments Doug Skrecky
25th Update on Fly Longevity Experiments Doug Skrecky

Longevity Report 76

Volume 13 no 76. First published March 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

26th Update on Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
27th update on fly longevity experiments Douglas Skrecky
My Take on A Nanotech-gift Economy John Grigg
Comparing Organizations Robert Ettinger
Our Future: The Run Away Train? Roger L. Bagula
Cryonics and Abortion David Pascal
Being of Pensionable Age Chrissie Loveday

Longevity Report 77

Volume 13 no 77. First published May 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

Tributes to Mae A Ettinger various authors
Sound Bites Robert Ettinger
Expert Opinion Robert Ettinger
As others see us Martin Grampound
Did Heart Disease Exist In The Good Old Days Doug Skrecky, Thomas Donaldson and Mike Darwin
Cryonics in the Russian mass-media Mikhail Soloviev
Project "Latmos" Mikhail Soloviev
Risks and Life Insurance Mike Darwin

Longevity Report 78

Volume 13 no 78. First published July 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

Identity: Can I kill the original? Peter Merel
Russian Web Poll on Cryonics Mikhail Soloviev
Poll on Autopsy John de Rivaz
Why We Don't Need Lots of People Thomas Donaldson
The Failure to Get Reanimated - Or How to Be Dead Forever David Pizer
A Few Long Term Thoughts: An Essay Roger L. Bagula
Telepath Technology Joe
The Prospects for Immortality: Human Replacement Parts Terry Grossman, M.D.
Fruit Fly Longevity Experiments -29 Douglas Skrecky
The Ease of Joining Cryonics Societies Mike Donahue
Understanding the Future in 5 Easy Steps. George Smith

Longevity Report 79

Volume 13 no 79. First published September 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

Deathist Humanism is So "Retro"! Mark Plus
Survival and Continuity, the Present-moment Self Brook Norton
Identity Peter Merel
Looking Back At the 21st Century Yvan Bozzonetti
Multiverse Yvan Bozzonetti
Can Cryopreservation Solve "The Abortion Problem"? Thomas Gramstad
How Far in the Future is Immortality? Kirk Israel
Information Conservation George Smith
The 28th Update on My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
The 30th Update on My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
As Others See Us New Hope International

Longevity Report 80

Volume 13 no 80. First published November 2000. ISSN 0964-5659

Human Rights and Cryonics Alison Priestley
Why Interest in Cryonics? Igor
Getting Wealthy People to Support Research Randall Parker
31st and 32nd Update on Fly Longevity Experiments Doug Skrecky
New Member Introduction Matthew S. Malek
Duplicates Are Self: A Proof Lee Corbin
A Short Bibliography on Consciousness Thomas Donaldson
N.F. Fyodorov, Russian Come-Upist Ed Tandy
Politics and the Future George Smith
Overpopulation by Lee Corbin

Longevity Report 81

Volume 13 no 81. First published January 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

The Simplified Protocol David Pascal
All eggs in one mathematical basket? David Pizer
Nature doesn't give a damn.. George Smith
Psychological Survival & Values Robert Ettinger
Is Cryopreservation Wasting Resources? "Shiva"
Nanocryofab Robert Ettinger
2001: A Transhuman Odyssey Peter A. Merel
33rd and 34th Updates on Fly Longevity Experiments Doug Skrecky
The Form of First Contact With Superior Alien Intelligence Ken Meyering
As Others See us Tony Grist
The World's "Excess" People Lee Corbin
Population Issues Charles Platt
Omniscience, or "Are you God?" George Smith
Brain Speed Joseph Kehoe
Comparing Cryonics to Military Triage George Smith

Longevity Report 82

Volume 14 no 82. First published March 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

A Note on Patents Michael LaTorra
35th Update to Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
My Appeal to Cryonicists Dr. Yuri Pichugin
Gender Specific Effects of Early-Life Events on Adult Lifespan Leonid A. Gavrilov at al
Religion is Not the Enemy of Immortalism and Cryonics Robert Ettinger
As Others See Us Gerald England

Longevity Report 83

Volume 14 no 83. First published May 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

Is consciousness only 3000 years old? George Smith
Cryonics vs. God's Promise Yvan Bozzonetti
36th Update of My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
The Uses of Low Dose Aspirin Dr Keith Monnington
Comments on Partners and Religion George Smith and Scott Badger
Theological Questions Raised by Cryonics Shiva
Another Look at God and CryonicsYvan Bozzonetti
Aesthetics in Cryonics Steve Harris
Human Identity - A Mix of Hardware and Software George Smith
The Alcor Adventure Video Review John Grigg
Who does cryonics or Why more males? Tim Freeman

Longevity Report 84

Volume 14 no 84. First published July 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

Co-opetetionMike Darwin
LN2 Trip and Back this Summer?David C. Johnson
Aesthetics in CryonicsNatasha Vita-More
39th and 40th updates of fly longevity experimentsDoug Skrecky
Seventh Day Adventists Are Practising Life ExtensionJames Swayze
Is consciousness only 3000 years oldAndrew Blackall
Cryonics and the SoulOrion(Co30)
An argument for preserving frozen personsDavid Pizer
Marketing Cryonics"Deathist Lurker Girl"
As Others See UsGerald England
Homosexuals, cryonics and the "natural order."Mike Darwin

Longevity Report 85

Volume 14 no 85. First published September 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

NDE and Morevek Simulations George Smith
But, How Can You Know If Your Life is Real?Scott Badger
Book Review: The Mummy CongressJohn Grigg
41st & 42nd Updates on Fly Longevity ExperimentsDoug Skrecky
Superstition is the Reason Why People Reject CryonicsKeith Rene Dugue
The Return of the Krell MachineSteven B. Harris

Longevity Report 86

Volume 14 no 86. First published November 2001. ISSN 0964-5659

Man and Superman Roger L. Bagula
Selling Cryonics Steve Harris
The Life Lottery Robert Ettinger
More on Simulations Scott Badger
As Others See us Deian Vincent
Why not more cryonicists? Olaf Henny
The Relevance of God to Cryonics Thomas Donaldson
Religion and Rights of Cryopreserved People and Embyros Transoniq
The Morality of Changing People's Minds David Pizer
Fly Longevity Experiments 43 - 46 & Food Satiation Experiments Doug Skrecky
Ethics: Religion vs Secular Groups Charles Platt
Differences Between Science and Religion Gurvinder Bagga
Argument Amongst Cryonicists Douglas Skrecky

Longevity Report 87

Volume 14 no 87. First published January 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

Family Values Robert Ettinger
As Others See Us Sarah Crabtree,
Stanley Trevor,
Will Daunt
Immortality - Overpopulation? Boredom? Hardly! James Swayse
Film Review: Vanilla Sky Mike Darwin
Raspberries over Vanilla David Pascal
The Cryonics Biz - Marketing Cryonics Steve Harris

Longevity Report 88

Volume 14 no 88. First published March 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

The Cryonics Summit and Proposed New Umbrella Organisation Ron Havelock
Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Longevity In the Nematoda Caenorhabditis elegans Vladimir V. Bakaev, Lyudmila M. Bakaeva
The Peril of Unchallenged Authority Olaf Henny
Fly Longevity Experiments 48-55 Douglas Skrecky
As Others See us John Howard

Longevity Report 89

Volume 14 no 89. First published May 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

It's Not What, But How You Say It. George Smith
Competitive Advertising Robert Ettinger
Choice and the British National Health Service Andrew Stephens
57th Update of My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
St John's Wort American Botanical Council
Survival Calculations Charles Platt
European Parliament Debates A Directive to Restrict Sales of Vitamins and Supplements
Cooling and Coroners Mike Darwin

Longevity Report 90

Volume 14 no 90. First published July 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

Convergence to Health Robert Ettinger
Organic Food - Truth in Labelling Michael Lorrey
Updates on Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Man is Not Conscious, Only Capable of It. George Smith
As Others See Us Polly Bird
book review: "The Immortalist Manifesto" Rudi Hoffman
Effective dreamers versus SF fans Mark Plus
Science Fiction Writers' Attitude to Cryonics Robert Ettinger
CI Policy on Publishing Details of Cryopreservations Robert Ettinger
The End of All Disease? Mike Darwin
Why There is No "In House Life Insurance" Rudi Hoffman CFP
Note on Investment and Accountancy Collapse Stephen Bogner
Attitudes to Death and Cryonics George Smith
The Feel Good Factor in Cryonics Steven Lacher

Longevity Report 90

Volume 14 no 91. First published September 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

This issue is devoted to a single article:

The Role of Enzymic Cofactors in Aging
How to Live to 200

Longevity Report 92

Volume 14 no 92. First published November 2002. ISSN 0964-5659

Some Thought About Atheism Robert Ettinger
A Note on Probabilities and Cryonics Michael Hartl
Probability Criteria Question Robert Ettinger
Updates on Fly Longevity Experiments 63 to 72 Douglas Skrecky
5th Update on Food Satiation Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Regulation and Risk Charles Platt
As Others See us Alan Hardy, Gerald England
What Scares the Bioethicists about Cryonics? Steve Harris
Progress Ron Havelock
Getting Spouses to Sign Up James Swayse

Longevity Report 93

Volume 15 no 93. First published February 2003. ISSN 0964-5659

Human Cloning is the Least Interesting Application of Cloning Technology Ray Kurzweil
Freeze Drying Revisited Dalibor den Otter
Updates on fly longevity experiments 73-81 Douglas Skrecky
Problems with Isomorphic Uploading James Swayze
Useful Internet Locations John de Rivaz

Longevity Report 94

Volume 15 no 94. First published April 2003. ISSN 0964-5659

Report on A Tort ou à Raison Chrissie de Rivaz
Why Immortality Bruce J. Klein
Updates on Fly Longevity Experiments 82 - 87 Douglas Skrecky
The Soul as Code Robert Ettinger
As Others See Us Phillip Miners and Doreen King
Less Costly Alternatives Robert Ettinger
Inflation and Cryonics Arrangements Taylor Selden
Look At it this Way Stephen Mason
Musings on the Singularity Francois

Longevity Report 95

Volume 15 no 95. First published July 2003. ISSN 0964-5659

Libertarians and Cryonics Stephen W Bridge
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Board of Advisors Mike Treder
Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Death Denial Dr Steve Harris
The Consequences of Physical Immortality Bruce Klein
Publication Schedule Changes John de Rivaz

Longevity Report 96

Volume 15 no 96. First published October 2003. ISSN 0964-5659

Instability Charles Platt
The Costs of Cryonics Steve Harris
Chairman's Report on the Year at Cryonics Europe Chrissie de Rivaz
Nanomedicine, Vol. IIA: Biocompatibility Robert A. Freitas Jr.
Cryonics magazine back issues on the web -
Fly Longevity Experiments 96- 110 Douglas Skrecky
Emergence of Consciousness Francois
Population Issues Charles Platt

Longevity Report 97

Volume 16 no 97. First published March 2004. ISSN 0964-5659

Local Help Robert Ettinger
Libertarianism, Cryonics, Religion Mike Perry
Survival Instinct - Extinct Robert Ettinger
Ideas That Don't Work Charles Platt
Fly Longevity Experiments 111 to 128 Douglas Skrecky
Comparing Vanilla Sky and Abre Los Ojos Mike O'Neal
Millionaires Charles Platt
As Others See us John Ballam and Hayley Riches
A Cure for Everything? Robert Ettinger
A World Transformed Beyond Recognition Kurt Kimo

Longevity Report 98

Volume 16 no 98. First published October 2004. ISSN 0964-5659

Bringing People back to Life from the Past Olaf Henny
Experiments with Mice
by Russian Doctor Kostenko
Parhatsathid Napatalung
As Others See Us Eddie Harriman
Utopia as a Technology of the Future Roger L. Bagula
The Second International Conference on Longevity
Now Available on DVD
Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky
Welcome New Readers John de Rivaz
Excerpts from Yahoo Group:
Horizon, Resveratrol
Mike Price,
John de Rivaz

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