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Death Avoidance, cryopreservation etc

Health and Longevity


Scientific Research


Health and Longevity

Bed Time, Sleep Time

An article by Chrissie Loveday, by a readers' request ...

Death Avoidance, Cryopreservation etc.

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General Interest

These articles are as stated - general interest articles on cryonics.


This details technology that will probably be used for revivals.

Sign Up information

This is more specific material for those wishing to sign up. The funds do not have to be provided until death, and can range from $28k with the Cryonics Institute (the oldest, cheapest and arguably the best) to over $100k with Alcor and some others.

General Interest

Jesus was an Immortalist

This article by Dr Thomas Donaldson explains how cryonics and immortalist people could be following the teachings of Jesus.

Comments from Cornwall

Here ismany of the articles from the column that I write for the magazine The Immortalist. This is a big file for you to download and then read offline.

Porthtowan Vantage Point

This is a column I write for the magazine Venturist Monthly News, the newletter of the Society of Venturism. All the articles are here.

The Society of Venturism

A cryonics osupport organisation, organised as a legal entity known as a "Church" in the USA, to deal with the social and philosophical side to cryonics. It can also perfrom weddings.

For more about cryonic suspension

Click on this heading for the cryonics FAQ

How to subscribe to Cryonet (its free)
Cryonet - most recent messages
Cryonet - archive

Cryonet is an internet mailing list that discusses cryonic suspension


Prometheus is a project to advance the science behind cryonic suspension

Click here for the Technical Feasibility of Cryonics

This is the latest version of an article by Ralph Merkle.


Practical Information for those wishing to sign up

Cryonics Institute

The oldest, least expensive, and many say the best cryonics provider. The complete text of The Prospect of Immortality is available in html format on this site.

How to get cryonic suspension in the UK and Europe

It costs less than you think - there is even rumoured to be someone of state income support doing it.

Other cryonics organisations


The organisation with the largest number of members, even though it is expensive and (in the UK at least) requires members to be active in training and performing the actual work.

American Cryonics Society

A non-profit research organization offering a wide range of cryonic suspension services.

The Cryonics Society of Canada

The web pages of this organisation which offers suspension services in Canada, except British Columbia whose citizens do not have the freedom to make cryonic arrangements.

Trans Time Inc

This is a highly successful for-profit company which has been involved with cryopreservation right from the early days. To be fair its financial success has arisen from its ability to create start up companies, such as BioTime and Cryomedical Sciences, using spin off technology from cryonics and then float them on the public stock market. However its primary objective is cryopreservation and it offers its services via various cryonics organisations.


World Humanitarian Learning Center Mall

Another site featuring nanotechnology and cryonics.

Advances in nanotechnology for medicine

Click on this heading for information on the subject that is very important to the credibility of cryonic suspension.

Click here to see various time projections for nanotechnology.

This link gives some best estimates of when nanotechnology will appear, from world experts.

The full text of "Engines of Creation"

This is the book that explains nanotechnology, and gave a reasonable scientific solution to the question of how people in cryonic suspension could be revived.

Foresight Institute

This link sends you to an institute who seeks to prepare the world for the introduction of nanotechnology.


A web site giving extensive coverage of nanotechnology

The Technological singularity

This is a link to the theory that technology is expanding so rapidly there is a "singularity" where growth will accelerate due to artificial intelligence and other advances.


Breakdown of Government

This article was reprinted in Longevity Report and comes from the Libertarian presidential candidate.

The Truth Machine

Imagine a world where a machine can always tell whenever anyone is lying. The Truth Machine describes how our world mutates into that world and how it destroys the legal profession and the resulting release of skill leads humanity into a new golden age.

Ithaca Money Home Page

This and following links are all about home money, alternative currency, barter etc..

FAQ on LETSystem

Informal Credit Home Page

Tom Greco's book "New Money for Healthy Communities"

An interesting LETS site

Dark Ages

Written by a leading Isle of Man financier, this warning details what will become of us is "lawyerism" prevails.

Scientific research

Capp Scientific

Capp Scientific is offering a free service to research authors who experience difficulty getting their work published. This is a non-profit venture to further scientific knowledge. Authors keep all rights to their work.

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