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Chairman Chrissie Loveday (de Rivaz) (Cornwall)
Treasurer Graham Hipkiss (Nottingham)
Secretary Mark Walker (Staffordshire)
Membership Manager Mark Walker (Staffordshire)
Charity Manager Ian Thomas (Kent)
General Assistant Ray Rowley (Leeds)
Web Master John de Rivaz (Cornwall)
Media Manager (contact) Chrissie de Rivaz (Cornwall)
Training Manager Alan Sinclair (Sussex)
Assistant Training Manager Tesh Rai (London)
First Team Leader Mark Walker (Staffordshire)
Second Team Leader Graham Hipkiss (Nottingham)
Surgical Assistant Maria Camacho (London)
Photographer Michael Ciancia (London)
Videographer Ray Rowley (Leeds)

Scientific and Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Mikhail Soloviev
Graham Dawes PhD