Cryonics Organisations offering services throughout the world (alphabetical order)
Alcor    Alcor UK    American Cryonics Society    Cryonics Institute

Cryonics organisations offering services to resident US citizens (including immigrants)
Suspended Animation, Inc.

Cryonics support groups in other countries
Australia Canada Germany Japan The Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Russia Spain Sweden
A more detailed list can be found here.

Links to sites that you may find of interest
Cryonet - Archives of Cryonet mailing list
Timeship Project Facility that will house life extension research in nanotechnology and cryopreservation using vitrification.
The Cryonics Society. An educational organisation.
Longevity Report
Autopsy Choice - campaigining for freedom from autopsy
American Cryonics Society FAQ
American Cryonics Society sign-up page
Another site devoted to death education - videos books and and DVDs about embalming and autopsy, and other items.
Holistic Cornwall - complementary medicine: "We do not necessarily believe in magic, just adding some love and light to the cold professionalism of conventional medicine."
The Venturists - an organisation offering support to cryonicsts.
A nonfictional, philosophical treatise that makes a case for the eventual resurrection of the dead through science.
A 19th century Russian philosopher who had similar ideas.
Ralph's Journey - A novel featuring cryonics as an aside to the life and times of a used car salesman in the period 1950 onwards.
Chrissie's writing .. from romantic novels to edicational books, with samples and some short stories, one about cryonics.
de Rivaz family web site .. genealogy going back to 1530, art, technology, alternative transport (hydrogen, fast charge electric cars), educational toys, video processing, artifical consciousness (look hard for that one - it is there though!) the last spa practitioner and much more. Other websites from the same webmaster -- an eclectic range.

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