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for those considering signing up for cryopreservation.

(This is not the same as the discussion group for Cryonics Europe, see below.)

This site is for cryopreservation enthusiasts in Europe. Effectively this means members of the Cryonics Institute, but obviously if the other US organisations or for that matter any new organisation was willing and able to provide reliable services in Europe then their members would be welcome here and I would post articles on the web site concerning that organisation.

You can navigate the site using the column on the left. You can also select a reduced, more focussed index using one of the buttons on the top, but some items appear only in the main index. This feature is to help those looking for a quick answer to a specific query on the site.

Please also sign up for the email list by using the facility at the bottom of the left hand column. Use the list to discuss what you would like to see on the web site, and to air any questions you may have abut cryopreservation.

The random repetitions of the saying of N F Fyodorov can be replaced with quotations or exortations as recommended by members.