What we Do

To make cryonics arrangements you need to refer to the sign-up page on the index to the left. You can make cryonics arrangements without using the standby service discussed below if you wish - the main cryonics providers provide a reduced level of support via funeral directors.

Cryonics Europe is a support group for people who have made or are making such arrangements, and offers a remote standby service using a mobile perfusion unit. This remote standby service can be obtained by the contribution of money and practical help. Suggested is a monthly subscription of 10 for people who have been accepted by the group to offer practical help (15 for a family living at the same address) and 15 for others (20 for a family living at the same address) to HOPRT, a registered charity. All monies will go to the upkeep, running costs and development for the benefit of all.

The group holds regular meetings and training sessions for the remote standby team, usually in Sussex but occasionally at other locations. You can join the email list and attend meetings without being a supporting member of the standby service, and the group's insurance advisor is willing to help potential cryonicists regardless of whether they are members of the standby service.