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Life in the Frozen State
by Erica E. Benson (Editor), Erica Benson (Editor), Nick Lane (Editor),
Barry Fuller, Barry J. Fuller (Editor), Barry Eric Benson

Hardcover: 696 pages
Publisher: Taylor & Francis; 1 edition (May 27, 2004)
ISBN: 0415247004

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Cryobiology is the study of living things at low temperatures. Refrigeration or freezing prevents the decay of living things, but science has recently begun to explore whether cold not only prevents decay, but also preserves life. An interdisciplinary subject that combines fundamental research on organisms adapted to natural freezing stresses and emerging areas of applied biotechnology and biology, cryobiology is starting to play an increasingly important role in medicine, agriculture, horticulture and forestry, as well as the conservation of endangered or economically important plant, animal and microbial species. Life in the Frozen State is a comprehensive review of the effects of freezing on living organisms. It evaluates how this knowledge can be applied to benefit humanity through advances in healthcare and conservation. A major feature of the book is the combining of fundamental theory and practice across a wide range of species and applications. This provides a unique opportunity to explore the subject in a multidisciplinary context. Historically, some of the most exciting advances in low temperature research have come from cross-discipline interaction, and this book provides a timely stimulus for further advances in cryobiology.