Alcor Membership for Europeans

This is the up to date situation: Please click here for details of the previous events that lead up to this.

Alcor does accept UK life insurance.

Many of you are aware that a previous president of Alcor had some difficulties with non US insurance. Hence signing up required a US insurance policy, which meant going over to the USA at least once. Many people found this unsatisfactory.

Jerry Lemler MD, when he became president of Alcor, made an announcement which he asked to be passed on to past members of Alcor, and indeed, anyone interested. He started:

To Our Alcor UK Members and Friends,
I want to take this opportunity to let you know exactly what our plans are regarding our UK rescue and membership efforts, as much has changed since I assumed the Presidency of Alcor nearly six months ago.

Jerry expressed great regrets at the situation that arose under the previous administration and goes on to say:

I have taken every step conceivable that I can think of to rectify the situation.

Alcor is now accepting insurance policies from outside the USA, including British ones. To overcome legal difficulties the policies will be run past lawyers, which should neither be awkward nor expensive and will get easier with experience, but anyway, as Jerry says:

Alcor is willing to "eat the cost" of this process.

Jerry said :

... along with a professionally trained, state-of-the-art rescue team to be implemented by Alcor's good friend and benefactor Bill Faloon

Mr. Faloon remains, as I am, committed to sending members of his professional unit to the United Kingdom to not only perform local cryosuspensions inclusive of state-of-the-art vitrification, but to train members of Alcor UK in the initial phases of the procedures. Alcor will partner in several ways with the new Florida-based outfit, but we can eagerly look forward to markedly enhanced cryopreservation benefits for all of us on both sides of the Atlantic in the not too distant future.

It is my goal, in essence, to offer Alcor with a renewed commitment to the UK, not just in words but in substance. When you weigh the benefits of state-of-the-art vitrification technology coming to the UK versus the best that any other cryonics organization offers... optimal membership is a clear choice.

Sooner AND Later,
Jerry B. Lemler, MD
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Letter from Rudi Hoffman, CFP CLU

I want to point out some important issues regarding obtaining your cryonics insurance policy.

I am licensed to do business in about 27 states of the US. And, because ALCOR is the owner of the policies, for an ALCOR policy I can write you irrespective of what state you are in.

However, if you are NOT a US citizen and/or do not live in the US, different rules apply.

We can still write the policy, with some important and nonnegotiable provisos. Here they are:

  1. You must provide your blood and urine in the US. (exception for Canada, where we can use local nurses.)
  2. Policy must be for at least $200,000 of a PERMENENT universal life. This will be with A++ rated Jefferson Pilot. Ultra solid carrier with good, but not great rates. But they have put in writing that they have NO problem with cryonics organizations.

  3. Policy must be paid annually, from a US bank or with a bank check.

  4. You must be smart, easy to work with, pleasant, and highly motivated for me to work with you. And have access to a good internet connection and printer. Because of the multiple challenges that come up when underwriting any policy, we both know going in that getting your coverage and working out logistics is a hassle. But it IS doable. But if you cannot do above, please try to find an insurance vendor local to you instead.

Sorry if this sounds less than gracious. But I truly want you to know what you should know up front.

Yours for Centuries,

Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU

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