Cryonics Europe Report 2002

Sunday January 13th 2002.
The meeting started at 9am and finished late afternoon. It was held at the home of Alan and Sylvia Sinclair. A tour of Alan's impressive new team workshop was the first item on the agenda. Alan has written a new training manual and gave out copies. Annie Mation(!) our newest team member will be helping demonstrate the procedure.

It's been a record year for CI growth - 71 new members this past year and over 200 since late 1998.

Additional items
1.Approval of a Draft Constitution for Cryonics Europe.
2.Approval of a new life insurance companies and agents shortlist(this has not been posted to the List or Website as some of us think doing so might contravene the Financial Services Act.) Because of the rapid growth the group has had we now urgently need this advice for prospective members.
3.Discussion about defining and improving our relationship with Alcor UK.

Cryonics Europe Facility 2 Day Quarterly Meeting:

It was held at the home of Alan and Sylvia Sinclair - 4 Mount Caburn Crescent, Peacehaven, E.Sussex, BN10 8DW. Tel.01273-587660 (Maps and Directions available if you haven't been before-just E-Mail me or click here for the map.)
Tel.01273- 587660 or email
(home of our Training Manager Alan Sinclair and his wife Sylvia).

Saturday February 9th. start at 11.30 am. prompt and finish late afternoon.

Our chairperson Chrissie de Rivaz has kindly agreed to travel all the way from Cornwall to chair this meeting. The main subject was a new constitution for the group.

Minutes of ECSG** Quarterly meeting February 9th/10th 2002
** ECSG was renamed "Cryonics Europe" during this meeting.
(At the home of Alan and Sylvia Sinclair, Peacehaven.) Saturday 9th. Feb.
Chrissie de Rivaz chaired the meeting.

  1. Chairman welcomed approximately ten members to the meeting and thanked Alan and Sylvia Sinclair for their hospitality in hosting the meeting.

  2. The secretary, David Flude handed out C.I. necklace and bracelet identification tags and accepted orders for further supplies. To save on cost of postage, Chrissie agreed to collect further supplies during her visit to CI in the summer. (Note: it has since been noticed that one of the telephone numbers on the tags is incorrect and they may need to be changed. If they have to be returned, Chrissie can do this on her visit. David will advise later)

  3. Supplies of various forms with information, signing up procedures etc. were handed out.

  4. The promotional video for the group was discussed. Ray Rowley said that he was proceeding well and hoped to complete the filming during the weekend. He asked for volunteers to provide interviews and hoped to begin editing very soon. Eventually, it is hoped to be able to supply a ten to fifteen minute video or a CD if required. It was asked if C.I. have a promotional video and the chairman agreed to make enquiries.

  5. The main topic for discussion was the provision of a constitution which would affect the future structure of the group. The secretary has circulated his own version of a constitution prior to the meeting and had a number of votes in support. It was agreed, however, that as they had been unaware of some of the implications, the final draft would be agreed at this meeting. The final version is to be posted on the web and is produced at the end of these minutes.

    Much debate took place about the actual wording to avoid confusion in the future. Concerns were expressed about the need for minimising possible future litigation and liability. David and Alan agreed to look into the situation regarding insurance for members of the Standby Team. There was disagreement about the inclusion of the words andlt;Cryonics Instituteandgt; in the first sentence of the constitution, as many members felt this might put off more general inquiries about cryonics. However, after long discussions and the insistence of one member, we finally agreed to include it, providing a disclaimer on behalf of CI was also included.

    It was decided that there was little point in separating the group to form a discussion group and a standby team as most members who attend meeting regularly, are involved in both. Training meetings are to be held as often as wished with main meeting for the group being quarterly.

    Most agreed that the name ECSG is not easy to remember and after some discussion, Cryonics Europe was agreed. The name was checked with Company House and as it is not currently used, is to be registered immediately by Alan. It is now in line with the name of the website. Thanks were expressed for the work done by John de Rivaz as webmaster and requests were made to change the picture on the site. This has now been done.

  6. The date for AGM was agreed to be Saturday 11th May 2002. Items for inclusion on the agenda to be sent to David Flude by May 1st. The agenda will be posted on the website by May 4th

Sunday 10th Feb was a training session. The report of this will not be included in these minutes.

Constitution for Cryonics Europe

  1. The primary objective for this group is as a C.I. support group and to bring together cryonicists in Europe to support, to meet, to discuss and to share thoughts on our common objective, namely the preservation of life.

    (The Cryonics Institute cannot be held legally responsible for Cryonics Europe, its members or activities.)

  2. 2. Meetings are arranged quarterly, with the Annual General Meeting at the May quarterly meeting. Additional training and interim meetings may be held monthly (or as required). Quarterly meetings shall consist of a formal, minuted meeting followed by informal discussion, social gatherings etc. Dates for these meetings shall be published annually and items for the agenda posted one week in advance of meeting. Subjects for the agenda must be submitted to secretary at latest, ten days prior to meeting. Only resolutions adopted at these meetings will be minuted. Any discussions, resolutions or requirements decided at interim meetings must be presented for implementation at quarterly meetings.

  3. Officers of the group, who should be Members of the Cryonics Institute, shall be elected annually (at the AGM) with usual proposer and seconder and may be eligible for re-election as agreed by the majority. They are as follows:-

    Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer.

    Chairman: To preside over formal meetings, present resolutions to interested parties and if required, have casting vote in disputes/debates. In the event of the chairman's absence at meetings, a chair for the meeting may be elected from delegates attending. The Chairman should also be prepared to assist with publicity, provide information and act as spokesman for the group when necessary.

    Secretary: To provide notification of meetings, post agenda, provide minutes and deal with other secretarial maters. If needed, a minutes secretary may be appointed for meetings.

    Treasurer: To manage financial transactions for the group and to provide annual report of finances for group.

  4. An Officer may be removed from office by a simple majority vote by the remaining Officers if it is deemed necessary. The serving Officers may choose to replace that Officer mid term with another at their own discretion. (Any independent conduct or publicity made by an officer, which is deemed detrimental to the group, may be the cause of this action)

  5. Cryonics Europe shall seek to publicise it's activities through it's Websites, a Medical/Scientific Advisory Board, a Newsletter, regular Bulletins, Conferences and contacts with the Media.

    In addition, there is a Website which is currently the official website. Another website may be designated as official website at the AGM, if required. There may be a closed mailing list for confidential business which will be restricted to members of Cryonics Europe and selected staff at CI. There is also an official internet discussion group, open to anyone interested. Subjects for discussion do not necessarily reflect the views of members nor will they carry any formal status, unless adopted as policy by the group at formal quarterly meetings.

  6. The Stand-by Team

    Some members of Cryonics Europe have formed the Stand-by Team, with appointed officials as a separate listing. This is supported by donations to H.O.P.R.T. It is not a requirement that all members of Cryonics Europe participate in this team but they may wish to become subscription members making monthly or annual payments, to receive the services of the team. People planning eventual storage by providers other than CI, may avail themselves of the service at an agreed, economic fee.

Sunday February 10th. starting at 9am. and finishing 5pm.

Sunday was a dedicated team training day. Alan has spent a great deal of time and money getting the team and the equipment up to scratch.

Alan has just bought a new professional paramedic mannekin. He is 6ft. tall, weighs 12 stone and has an IV ported arm - you don't kick sand in this guy's face! His name is .. err .. Randy (honestly that's his catalogue name!)

There was a complete "emergency dry run" as follows:
Randy was dressed in bed, we set up all the equipment, placed him in the new ice bath, set temperature probes and got readings, rigged a full IV to inject the medications into his IV arm. As well as this 1,050 mannikin we have a new suitcase ice bath, new gas bottles and regulator, new method of carrying the gas, a new full medications kit for the real thing, a new practice kit, a modified lifting sling and an ice bath base unit which enable us to carry most cool down equipment in a car for local transport.

Again Alan and Sylvia generously provided a buffet lunch.

Sunday April 14th. starting at 9am & finishing late afternoon.

Alan Will be showing us the progress with the operation room and we will be discussing our mobile unit Alan will also be setting up and giving a demonstration on the heart lung machine. Videos and General Discussion


The home of our training manager Alan and Sylvia Sinclair - 4 Mount Caburn Crescent, Peacehaven, E.Sussex, BN10 8DW. Tel.01273-587660 (Maps and Directions and accomodation information available if you haven't been before-just email Mark Walker or click here for the map.) Click here for Directions for those who don't like maps and can get every turning correct. All future C.E. Meetings will be held here, except when we have a "Roadshow" meeting. Alan's home is warm and comfortable so you have no excuse for not coming!

Minutes of Cryonics Europe
Meeting 11th May 2002

Minutes taken by Ray Rowley

NOTE: In this meeting we will be electing and/or re-electing officers for the group. There appears to be alot of shuffling around with the retirement of David. This saga will unfold as the meeting progresses and I hope to get as much of it down as possible.

Chrissie welcomed everyone and thanked Alan and Sylvia for hosting the meeting.
Thanks to David & May for their work in the past.
Thanks to Mark for continuing from David and to Graham.
Chrissie sets out agenda for the meeting.
Apologies received from Tesh Rai

Chrissie - requests reports from existing officers explaining that there may be two reports for each section because of the change over.

David Flude's Progress Report:

It's just over one year since we first founded Cryonics Europe/ECSG and progress has been rapid and very satisfactory.

The Standby Team led by Alan Sinclair now has 19 Team Members and 3 Non Participating Members. Team Equipment has been upgraded by over 15,000 and a new Training Manual & CD published. C.I's UK Facility at F.A.Albin & Sons has received a new Heart Lung Resuscitator, Multipoint Injectors & revised Medications.

John de Rivaz set up a comprehensive new Website & Online Mailgroup for us during the year.

A Scientific/Medical Advisory Board led by Dr.Mikhail Soloviev was established in November 2001.

Over 75 Members are registered at our Online Mailgroup and over 100 on our Postal List.

Mark Walker publishes a new group newsletter Future Quest that goes out to Team Members. C.I.'s UK Membership has increased from 12 to 33. C.I.'s Worldwide Membership increased by 73 in 2001 and by over 200 between late 1998 & 2001. cares for over 40 Whole Body patients.

Regular meetings, training sessions & socials were held monthly in places as far afield as Cornwall, Nottingham, London and the South Coast. Over 40 media enquiries were handled during the year and we appeared on many television and radio programmes.

We mustn't forget that we are a European organisation. During the year we renewed our links with our friends in the Netherlands and made contact with C.I organisations and individuals in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. We welcome all new contacts both inside & out of Europe.


After a year as Secretary Ihave decided to take a break from the growing workload. Prior to this I was membership manager at Alcor UK and for around 20 years I have served as a volunteer at local United Nations Associations and other organisations. My wife May has helped enormously in C.E.'s administration and also needs a rest from the work.

I am pleased to say that we plan to hand over to three very competent younger Officers familiar to you all. Mark, Graham and Ray who will bring new blood and new ideas to our organisation. We are very confident that the future of your organisation - Cryonics Europe - will be in safe hands.

May and I are not leaving the group - very far from it. We will remain as dedicated C.I. & C.E. Member: and we intend to come to all the meetings and training sessions. So we look forward to seeing you there

Retired Secretary: David Flude

H. O. P. R. T.

Registered Medical Charity Number 1001750 since 1990.

6 Dovecote Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 2NB.
Trustees: David Flude, May Flude, Graham Hipkiss, Mark Walker. Accounting Manager: Graham Hipkiss.

Financial Statement for year ending 31.12.2001.

*From 1.1.2001 to 23.7.2001-see FootnoteSub-Total = 2,340.00
* Since 23.7.2001:
Donations to HOPRT-Lump Sums/DDR/STO758.00
Miscellaneous Receipts-Media200.00
Newsletter subscriptions40.00
Bank Interest.05
Investment Interest/Dividends -none-
Sub-Total = 998.05
*From 1.1.2001 to 23.7.2001-see Footnote Sub-Total = 2,550.00
* Since 23.7.2001:
Ambulance-Repairs etc.-charges not passed to HOPRT-
Electricity Supply-SEEBOARD-72.33
Postage & other miscellaneous expenses-not charged-
Gases Rental-B.O.C.-70.47
Insurance-Building-Abbey Associates-for 12 months-379.84
Rates-Business-Eastbourne Council-awaiting demand
Rent to Freeholder-temporarily waived
Sewerage Supply-Southern Water-99.97
Water Supply-S.E.Water-paid in advance to 31.3.2002-122.71
Sub-Total = 844.35
Bank Balance Barclays ac/60224545: 31:12:2001-Credit of277.05
"Future Fund" Alliance Trust a/c
Investments at 5.10.2001157.00
Cash 12.84

Prepared by David Flude-Hon.Treasurer(Retiring)

* This year the Accounts for HOPRT are as follows: The Potts Marsh Facility was sold on 23.7.2001 and a new building purchased in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne. All Accounts for the Part Year from 1.1.2001 to 23.7.2001 were prepared by Jack St.Clair. After 23.7.2001 the remaining year's Accounts to 1.1.2002 were prepared by David Flude.

Alan has funded most of the standby team projects and it was suggested that he should not have to continue to do so, especially the consumable items that were needed.

Chrissie thanked Alan for all the effort and expenditure he has put in and emphasises the whole groups thanks.

David - we have gone from 12 members to 33 members. 120 on the postal list. and built up in Europe notably the Netherlands group and more recently Denmark.

Mark takes over from David as secretary. He announces that he has changed database to streamline it. Newsletter is going well and also getting items sent in from members and is sending a copy to the national library.

He mentioned an organisation called Give As You Earn. If you join the organisation you can get tax reductions (companies) and it was suggested we should investigate. We may be eligible for money, as registered charity.

David asked if we could halve the cost of the newsletter which may increase the number of subscriptions.

Mark suggested more issues per year rather than drop the price.

Chrissie suggested sending it via email to save paper printing and postage to those who are willing.

David suggested a cost 5 pound per year.

Mark agreed the electronic version is a good idea.

Mark showed Alan & Chrissie's brochure designed for new members and for existing members, possibly to give to doctors and local hospitals.

Alan is also working on a new brochure (or flyer) aimed at hospitals with information on the cool down and contact numbers.

Chrissie suggested adding the web address to the cover of new brochure.

Ray suggested adding contact address and telephone numbers on the very back page. This was agreed.

Chrissie questioned the inclusion of an enrolment form.

It was suggested that a key code panel should be put on the standby workshop in case Alan and Sylvia are away when access is needed. Other keys would be available inside this. Possibly a key safe with a key code. All agreed.

That concluded Mark's report.

Graham's (Treasurer) report was brief as much had been covered by David. There was a balance 601 as of yesterday. Income is currently 145 per month and liabilities of 45 per month. Therefore about 100 per month is being generated.

Alan said that originally it was to be split between expenses and savings for suspension.

David suggested we put some into a building society or post office account to earn interest. Alan said an emergency fund is essential and we must start this up soon to get about 2000 to cover a suspension.

Graham agreed we will leave things as they are for now to build up a cash sum for reserve.

Standby Team Report

Alan said that we are now in a position to use his house as a training site. We now have a trailer, most of the equipment we need, but still require pumps and to modify the cool down bath. He estimated that in the next six months we will be able to perform a good cryopreservation.

Profusion network is now set up and will require more training, needs more than just the three months. Another undertaker has volunteered to visit and help.

Alan has suggested that he has four training sessions in the first year with four different employees of the undertaker, and to give him a kit to practise and train. This will be an ongoing expense, possibly costing 300 each time which would have to come out of the kitty. The new trailer can be used to do a full profusion, has it's own oxygen supply and electricity.

It was suggested that some undertakers may be prepared to train in perfusion techniques etc. without us paying them to attend as they would be gaining new additions to their skills.

Chrissie thanked Alan for pamphlets and training manuals etc.

David added his thanks and suggested Alan is the most knowledgeable cryonicist outside the US.

Chairman introduced amendments to the constitution. With David's resignation the officers role's are subject to change. Prior to the meeting acting officers agreed proposals to be put to meeting.

  1. Media Manager needs to be fully signed up (preferably with C.I.) It was Chrissie's personal recommendation to make the media manager and chairman the same role as this function was already in place according to the constitution.
  2. We must have a Secretary, and a Membership Manager. These two roles to be joined for which Mark has been suggested and agreed. Paperwork to be changed accordingly after voting has taken place.
  3. Ray agreed that if elected he would be happy to act as General Assistant.
  4. David requested he should be given a formal title.
  5. Officers were nominated unopposed
Chairman and Media ManagerChrissie
de Rivaz
David FludeGraham Hipkiss
Secretary and Membership ManagerMark WalkerChrissie
de Rivaz
David Flude
TreasurerGraham HipkissDavid FludeMark Walker
General AssistantRay Rowley

Chrissie suggested that the Web Master, (Currently John de Rivaz) should not be re-elected annually as the web address would have to change every year, as John has bought the domain name. The group might like to re-elect another person or keep him as webmaster as a permanent position.

Chrissie stated that she has been approached to remove the word CI in the opening paragraph of the constitution as this would seem to preclude non CI members from joining. CI, Alcor and TDIS are demonstrating their own cooperation by having a cryo summit this year. Although she and most of the members are fully committed to CI as an organisation, we are a small group we could be harming ourselves if we are seen to limit our members this way.

A secret ballot was held to either keep or drop the words CI from the first clause of the constitution. David - raised complaint that he didn't know about the voting for the change to the constitution and says that the current constitution stated that subjects to be raised should be notified at least 10 days in advance. Chrissie replied that the item was put on the agenda but did not specify the details as she did not think this was necessary as no other item contained details and the constitution did not require this.

Chrissie asked if the insurance situation had progressed and Alan agreed to look into this.

Chrissie suggested that officers should check on any letters or correspondence to publicity groups or magazines of anything that falls under the CE umbrella. It is to prevent erroneous messages such as the current edition of The Immortalist naming officers and roles which do not officially exist. Naturally, anyone is free to make their personal contributions to any publication if they do not suggest it is an official C.E contribution. Most members agreed this was sensible.

Membership fees discussed by whole group and Mark would make his suggestions later.

The vote for the amendment was announced and with only two votes against the changes, David was unable to accept the majority decision and resigned, leaving the meeting immediately. It is with regret that we accept his (and May's)departure.

The July meeting was on the 13th and 14th of July. We covered a lot of training and practice runs ready for the September meeting when we will be carrying out a complete trial Cooldown. We started Saturday Morning at 9AM for Coffee and a chat, Training commenced at 10AM. The same times applied Sunday.

We will also had the usual general chat on Saturday morning and the social evening.


The home of our training manager Alan and Sylvia Sinclair - 4 Mount Caburn Crescent, Peacehaven, E.Sussex, BN10 8DW. Tel.01273-587660 (Maps and Directions and accomodation information available if you haven't been before-just email Mark Walker or click here for the map.)

7 September 2002 and following week:
Cornwall Cryonics Festival, started with a meeting on Saturday 7 September at Porthtowan, followed by a training day on Sunday September 8 when a remote cryopreservation was simulated. For those who could stay on group visits were arranged to the Cornish resort town of Mevagissey and the Flambards Triple Theme Park at Helston. Delegates stayed at the Beach Hotel email:

On the Saturday the meeting was open to general discussion focussed mainly on the New Scientist promotional competition and consequent broadcast events to occur on 19 September. This was not promoted in advance as it had to be kept secret until the "launch date" of the publicity campaign.

Unfortunately the proposed afternoon presentation by the funeral director did not take place owing to the ill health of a close member of his family. However he did report by email that he had made progress with contacting coroners in the South West of England and getting their support for cryopreservations. It was suggested that a meeting between him and the group could take place at a time and place to be arranged, possibly after further cryopreservation equipment had been built by the facility manager.

The evening social meal was arranged at The Unicorn (formerly Commodore) Porthtowan, where unfortunatetely conversation was suppressed by loud recorded music. However there was another social meal on the following day at The Watermill, Lelant, which was in more subdued surroundings.

On the Sunday there was Cryonics Europe's first remote training day, where a cool down of Randy, the dummy, was performed by the team. It was discovered that in an extreme situation the cooldown could be performed with only two team members present, although onbiously it would be easier with more. A few minor procedural changes were suggested and noted for future training sessions. The session proved that it was possible to get the Mobile Perfusion Unit to the most remote location served by the group without any serious problems.

Cryonics Europe Meeting: Saturday 8th November and Sunday 9 November

Informal - mostly spent investigating the possibility of using the Internet to involve more distant members in meetings using real-time voice messaging. It was eventually decided to use Yahoo Messenger as it seems the most robust across different Windows versions.