Cryonics Europe Report 2001

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The Inaugural Meeting of Cryonics Europe(as E.C.S.G.,as it was then called) was held on 1 April 2001.

The Meeting started well with the reading of a message of support from CI President Bob Ettinger & in the afternoon Bob answered Questions by E-Mail. We also announced both an Cryonics Europe Website and a Discussion List (for this last one you have to send a blank email to in order to join). Members were urged to look at the main CI Website & Free Online Newsletter. Our free "Switching Life Insurance or Setting Up a new Policy" form was also announced. This can be either emailed to you or posted.

Around 16 enthusiastic people attended many of whom had never met a fellow Cryonicist before! Chrissie Loveday a well known Authoress & wife of CI Director John de Rivaz addressed the group and showed a video she had made of the CI facility in Michigan.

Various people were elected:

Chair Chrissie Loveday (de Rivaz) (Cornwall)
Treasurer Mark Walker (Staffordshire)
Secretary David Flude (Sussex)

These Officers will serve on an annual basis.

It was also decided to have quarterly meetings with a novel approach. A sort of CI Roadshow will rotate between different UK Towns giving everyone a chance to get to one of the meetings. It will be helpful if CI Members contact with their Address, email, and/or telephone number so that we can try to arrange meetings reasonably near to them. Your suggestions for the Schedule of these meetings are welcome.

Report on the First Cryonics Europe Quarterly Meeting in London- April 28th.

In the morning 7 Cryonics Europe Members were given a warm welcome by Barry Albin at his impressive premises near Southwark Park. As well as plying us with huge plates of cakes and sandwiches and coffee he listened patiently to our questions for nearly 3 hours. Attention to detail was very noticeable throughout the Facility. There were photos of film stars' funerals on the walls, a beautiful collection of antique limousines and the staff were very friendly.

The highpoint for us was the new Mortuary Room. It would have put many hospitals to shame. It was impeccably clean and bright with stainless steel equipment and freezers. CI's medications and procedure was carefully explained to us. Barry told us that he is being supplied with a brand new American HLR(Thumper) by CI. He has also just taken delivery of 3 new sets of medicationss. & the latest special new pulsing embalming pump.

In the afternoon the Main Meeting was courtesy of Barry Adams' home. Barry made us very welcome with more sandwiches and coffee. Those present included Alan, Sylvia, Dr.Graham D-, Graham Hipkiss, David & Nick, Fabio, Maria, Barry & David Flude.

It was the 25th (Silver) Anniversary of CI's founding last week so something to celebrate. A new BBC1 Video that featured Barry Albin & CI was shown for 10 minutes. Next followed a discussion on the Barry Albin visit. It was agreed Barry must be given members personal information including maps of their homes and nearest hospitals. Barry told us he needs this to ensure that he can get to us fast. David was asked to contact members and action this.

Next was discussion on wallet cards and dog tags/bracelets. We all agreed that we should carry this vital information. Dr.Graham D. suggested stainless steel pendants or bracelets would be best and volunteered to be the one to investigate cost of producing some for UK Members.

Alan suggested that people in remote areas might like to maintain a small medications kit for emergencies. Subject to special arrangements with Barry Albin & CI, individual members could pay extra to hire a State Registered Nurse for standby 24 hours. She would give some medications and cool immediately the patient is pronounced legally dead. By then Barry Albin would have arrived & could release the patient, do the washout at his facility & prepare for the flight to America. This is a really excellent idea of Alan's (his daughter is a nurse so was able to offer him advice) The tremendous advantage of such an arrangement would be that a nurse is trained to give medications and would be accepted by the hospital or nursing home as a fellow professional. One professional nurse costing say £200 for 24 hours standby would ensure far better initial treatment than the 3 amateur paramedics at £600 that most other cryonics companies offer. A private room would also be helpful.

July 2001

On the Sunday a message of support from our Chairperson - Chrissie de Rivaz - was read out to the meeting. Next was an introduction by Alan Sinclair. Alan handed out copies of his very professionally produced Standby Team Book and discussed the purpose of the new team, and the equipment.

A team over-view was given by David. In order to give the team a professional image that would be recognised by hospital staff it was decided to adopt a similar uniform to that worn by the emergency services world wide. Light blue dress shirts have been chosen and can be ordered in your size - long or short sleeve. These cost a very reasonable £4 each - to order contact David. Ladies may like to shop around and choose something similar in the same colour. Dark blue or black trousers (not jeans) for men and for ladies either the same or skirts in the same colour. Dark shoes (not trainers) should be worn. All this must be worn to an actual standby; whether you choose to wear the above at the training is up to individual members.

Identification: Ray took photos of everyone at the meeting and paramedic style ID badges are being produced. Mark showed us his CI dog tag and it was decided to ask CI to add Barry Albin's number. Paramedic scissors (blunt) and a cell phone are other items needed. May Flude (Cryonics Europe Administration) has kindly agreed to produce shoulder lapels worded "Cryo Service Team" in white on royal blue.

Equipment: At least four portable medication kits will be produced and kept at key members' homes. So far Henri (CI Netherlands), Mark (East Midlands), Graham (Nottingham) and Tesh (London) have volunteered to take care of these kits. Other areas such as the West Country may need to be covered. Together with Barry Albin's facility this could provide the finest cryonics standby service anywhere in the world.

Team officers were elected:

Facility Manager and Primary Training Manager Alan Sinclair
Assistant Training Manager Tesh Rai
First Team Leader Mark Walker
Second Team Leader Graham Hipkiss
Surgical Assistant Maria Camacho
Photographer Michael Ciancia

Thank you everyone. Other members may like to choose a role for themselves. We appointed the First Team Leader a few days after the meeting.

Funding: - Costs for all of this were discussed. All those at the meeting agreed to set up a new "Standby Fund". This will have 2 purposes - to support the overheads on the new facility and to provide a growing fund to pay for team members individual standbys. When the fund has reached a reasonable size members will decide how it is to be invested. The fund will pay out whatever is available towards each standby as it happens.

Team members will pay £10 a month (Standing Order/Cheque/Cash), 2 people in the same household will pay a total of £15 a month and those who haven't started working (i.e. have just left school) will pay nothing. Thank you everyone for supporting this Fund - it will make your own life safer as well. Naturally it's up to non-team members to decide whether they want to support this fund. Please contact David if you wish to join the team and/or support the fund.

It's likely that non-team members who want the services of the team will have to either pay the above or some other charge to defray our costs such as time off from work, standby accommodation, transport etc. If you are a CI Member but don't require standby team services then by default you will receive Barry Albin's services only.

An excellent buffet lunch was next courtesy of May and David Flude.

After lunch Graham Hipkiss and David hosted a form on CI membership and life insurance. Questions were asked and answered. Nearly everyone in the room was a CI Member or in the process of joining. Remember we have a Joining CI information sheet free by email or post-just ask David.

Maria and Michael have found a very cheap London Public Notary to witness their CI Suspension Agreements etc. Apparently he only charged £15 to do both!

Europe: George Overmeire has recently become a full CI Member and is forming a CI Netherlands Group. Well done George! Contact him for details. Henri Kluytmans also of the Netherlands Group is organising the Transhumanist Conference there next Summer and a "CI Europe" side Meeting is planned - watch this space. Other CI Members are wishing to form Groups in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Spain.

Publicity: Ray made a video tape of the meeting and promised us a copy. He also kindly agreed to produce a CI promotional video with the emphasis on Europe. This would include filming at Barry Albin's as well as individual members.

E.C.S.G. Diary:
We agreed to fix all future meetings to the 2nd. Sunday of every month with 2-day quarterly meetings in February, May (A.G.M. and election of officers), August and November.

Cryonics Europe FACILITY 2 Day Meeting:

Saturday August 11th. 9am-late afternoon. Latest News,Team Training, Speakers, Forum, Videos, Bring a potluck lunch or "take in". Social Evening at local Pub. Details of Accommodation/Lifts contact David.

and Sunday August 12th. 11am-late afternoon. Schedule: Main Meeting, Equipment Hands On, Inventory, CI latest, Meds. Kits, Videos etc. Bring a Potluck Lunch or Take In-if fine in Garden!

WEST COUNTRY 2 Day Meeting:

Saturday September 8th

The first Cryonics Europe Road-show came to the north Cornwall coast near Redruth and Truro at a village called Porthtowan. Click here for radio broadcast.

September 8th
Cryonics Europe Dinner courtesy of CI Director John de Rivaz and our Chairperson Chrissie de Rivaz at their home: West Towan House, Porthtowan (about 12 miles West of Truro).

Sunday Sept 9th
An open meeting, at the same address followed by discussion. It was hoped that some local people with an interest or just curiosity in cryopreservation could also attend, but none had the time. The news media's coverage may have aroused sufficient interest for some local people to come forward later, but the ghastly events by religious extremists against the USA later that week probably eclipsed what coverage we had.

Monday Sept. 10th

Meeting with a well recommended firm of Independent Financial Advisors to see if they can act for new members of Cryonics Europe to provide an easy solution to new membersí funding problems. Unfortunately the principal of the firm was unable to attend and instead his life insurance salesman gave us a lecture on the virtues of that particular financial product and the regulations under which financial advisors work.

Quite a few of us made a small holiday of this and stayed on for a week. See for details of local attractions which include many mining and steam exhibitions, radio and telegraphy exhibitions and conventional theme parks, and of course the fine open countryside, coastline and spectacular scenery. Cornwall boasts the first house ever to be lit by gas at Redruth, and indeed may have been the first place inhabited in Britain, by tin traders who landed at Gwithian, approx 10 miles to the west of Porthtowan. It was also the site of early intercontinental communications with cables from Porthcurno and wireless from Poldhu and satellite links from Goonhilly, both at the Lizard. All host permanent exhibitions and are within easy reach of Porthtowan. For details see and click on "some places to visit during your stay".

Media Coverage
Radio Cornwall
BBC South West Spoltlight
Western Morning News
West Briton


Sunday October 14th
. Cryonics Europe Roadshow courtesy of Graham & Madeline Hipkiss, 6 Dovecote Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8.2NB.NB. Moving House soon so may be different address, Check first.

All Welcome! This is our first ever Northern/Midlands Meeting - so why not join us for this informal & friendly "Roadshow"?

starting at Midday (12am.) prompt, finishing late afternoon.
AT: the home of Madeline & Graham Hipkiss
Tel.0115-928-1019. E-mail
Further contact: David 01323-509836/411441 E-Mail

SCHEDULE: Life Insurance, C.I. Membership, Costs etc.-with Graham & David, Report & Photos on Cornwall Meeting, Videos, Expanding the C.I. Standby Team, Alan's "MASH" Trailer, Mark's "Future Quest Newsletter", New E.C.S.G. Brochure for UK, C.I. set to overtake Alcor by 2006, Dogtags for UK, New C.I. Equipment for Barry Albin's Facility, More than just Cryonics? Informal Discussion.

Madeline and Graham provided a Buffet Lunch for us.

Cryonics Europe FACILITY Quarterly 2 Day Meeting:
November 10 & 11, 2001

Saturday 10th.

David on 2 recent Emergencies & why you need to sign up, growing Media Coverage of CI, your new Standby Team Contracts, more CI Members & Team Members, Mark's Newsletter, $180 worth of Dogtags. Dogtags ordered, Personal Details Forms & Maps, Graham & David on Life Insurance & C.I. Membership Questions, etc. 1pm. Lunch: Either Fish 'n Chips Take In or bring a Potluck lunch. 5pm. Social drink and get together at Beachy Head Whitbread's Pub!

Sunday 11th. Alan ran a Training Session followed by An Important Announcement. Lunch: Either bring a potluck lunch or take in. There will be some hot soup and jacket potatoes provided.

From The Immortalist. "We have treated the Human Genome Project like a priority every year because we all want to live forever, and that's good, I'm not minimising that - we do". -quote from Bill Clinton then President of the United States. 26.6.2000.

Sunday December 9th. PARTY TIME - UK CRYO FEAST

The Annual Cryo Feast/Turkey Roast is celebrated by Cryonicists throughout America. Our UK Cryo Feast was held at Alan's house - 4 Mount Caburn Crescent, Peacehaven - on Sunday December 9th. 9am. onwards.

As well as Sylvia's excellent Christmas Lunch this was a pleasant relaxing Social plus a chance to see Alan's new 24ft.x 10ft. team training area.

Secretary's Year End Report - 2001.

In April 2001 we conceived of the idea of a Cryonics Europe-Cryonics Europe. 9 months have passed and I am happy to tell you that the baby is alive and well and growing rapidly! 3 Officers were elected and will serve until the AGM in May 2002. We now have regular Monthly Meetings, training sessions and social occasions such as the turkey toast. The Cryonics Europe's meetings have occurred in London, Barry Albin's Facility, Cornwall, Eastbourne and Peacehaven. The Cornwall Meeting was one of the largest of it's kind outside America. I would like to thank Barry Adams, Barry Albin, Graham and Madeline, John and Chrissie, Sylvia and Alan for their generosity in hosting many of these Meetings.

C.I.-UK Membership has increased from 12 to around 28 with more in the sign up process. Approaches have been made to Alcor UK and SASL with a view to co-operation in certain areas. We are happy to welcome old friends from this group today. We hold the view that everyone interested in Life Extension should work together.

In June a new European emergency contact list was issued to around 30 Cryonics Europe members and will be updated yearly. Barry Albin specifically asked every member to fill out a personal data form and we have made good progress in completing these.

In July Alan set up a new C 1 UK Standby Team. This will provide rapid response a team of 18 trained ParaMedics. A new Medical/Scientific Advisory Board is planned. Gill-a Registered Nurse has been appointed our Medications Manager. Other members I have also taken on specific roles within the team. All of this will enhance our credibility as an organisation. Team services are an optional extra but strongly recommended for a fast response-prices from as little as £10 a month. Please contact David Flude for details.

In September Mark-our Cryonics Europe Treasurer took the initiative of publishing an Cryonics Europe Newsletter-"Future Quest". The introductory issue was free. Yearly subscriptions are £20 but paid up team members will continue to receive their newsletters free. This is an important step forward in keeping members in touch.

Special thanks must go to John de Rivaz for setting up and maintaining our comprehensive website and email List. Ray has done videos of most of the training sessions and this will provide an invaluable reference library for team training. A UK promotional video is also planned. Graham Hipkiss has helped us enormously with life insurance, switching existing policies and general membership enquiries.

Tesh has agreed to stand as a Director of the Community Services Trust - a London charity which encourages research into ageing etc. Tesh will represent the interests of cryonics organisations such as C.1. Cryonics Europe, Alcor etc. Thanks to Theo for arranging this.

There has been one disappointment but even this has turned out to our benefit. In July Alan, Sylvia, David and May put £50,000 of their own money into buying a small derelict building in Eastbourne. The main purpose of the building was to store a large amount of medical equipment for the standby team. We encountered a lot of problems with the local planning department due mainly to mistakes by solicitors and estate agents. Access through the narrow service road is also difficult. We have had a radical rethink and have now decided to sell this building and adopt an entirely different approach:
Alan has built a 24ft.x 10ft. team training workshop in his garden which will hold most of the medical equipment. He will also use his garage and conservatory area for larger items. The new MASH Trailer will provide a mobile base for any emergency. These 4 areas give us virtually the same square footage as the whole Eastbourne building! They will provide more than enough room to hold all the equipment and carry out training - in comfort. The real bonus is that we will save thousands of pounds every year in overheads on the previous building; money that will be better spent on team equipment, training and membership growth.

When the building is sold, after deducting our initial outlay we will donate any profits to HORPT or Cryonics Europe. If at any time in the future we decide we want an Cryonics Europe Facility we will try to purchase one in an industrial estate. In the meantime we already have Barry Albin's impressive Facility in South London. As well as the spotlessly clean and bright new mortuary room, CI has just sent them new medications, a heart lung resuscitator and a multi-point Injector. In short UK Members now have the best combination of Cryonic services outside America.

Turning to Europe-I have been contacted by a number of people who are trying to form CI groups. If you live or work in Ireland please contact Peter Thomberry of "Drones", Dromiskin Road, Castle Bellingham, County Louth, Ireland. Other cryonicists are trying to form groups in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Italy etc. Please ask David Flude for details.

Life Extension and nanotechnology breakthroughs: Thanks largely to Dr.Eric Drexler the US Government is investing over $1/2 billion in nanotechnology research and development. Last year the then President of the US Bill Clinton made a clear statement supporting life extension.

The strength of any organisation depends on the support of it's members. I would like to thank just a few of those not previously mentioned who have loyally supported Cryonics Europe.-Maria, Michael, Alex, Sylvia, Aldo, Michael C, Dr.Graham D, Floss, David B, Paul, Chris and many others. Membership growth is the single most important Key to all of our problems. Increase the membership and many things suddenly become possible. More research, better cryopreservations, more political clout, social acceptance, economies of scale for CI, lower suspension fees which in turn leads to more members joining. Radical ideas can change the world if presented correctly. History proves it can be done. In 1960 heart transplants were greeted with horror, 40 years on and every major hospital in the world carries them out. Maybe 200,000 people owe their lives to those early pioneers such as Christian Barnard.

2001 was a record Year for CI Membership! A very credible 71 new Members joined CI this year-giving CI faster growth than any of it's rivals. Membership growth is like a snowball-the bigger it is, the more contact it has, so growth becomes compounded. Before you know it what started as one person's idea becomes a turning point in history. You can make that difference by encouraging others to join CI. First of all make sure that you are a member. Unfortunately people don't just live to 3 score and 10 years. The untimely deaths of Linda McCartney and George Harrison should be a warning to all of us. So don't dither - do it now. Life insurance becomes increasingly expensive as you get older and if you get a terminal illness they will almost certainly turn you away.

On behalf of my fellow Cryonics Europe Officers I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, David Flude - Cryonics Europe Secretary.