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These are films I have enjoyed: some you can buy over the net, others you will have to watch for on television or ask for in the newsgroups. They are listed as follows Title, type, rating, comments

Further details and reviews of films whose title is underlined (linked) can be obtained by clicking on them. There is also an opportunity to purchase.

Films of Specific interest to Immortalists

Blade Runner DC ,sf,5 (Robots who have only 5 years to live rebel against their creator, demanding indefinite lifespan.) DC= Director's cut

Alien Trilogy, sf,5 (the 3 films about the outer space parasite, featuring Sigourney Weaver. Cryogenics is used as a vehicle, but there is not much immortalist content.)

Chiller ,h,2 (anti-science, anti-cryonics horror)

Coccoon, sf,5 (excellent sci-fi)

Contact, sf,5 (excellent sci-fi)

Forever Young, sf,5

Highlander ,sf,5 (Great music, silly story about warring "immortals" who have to kill each other off leaving "only one" - yes, I know they can't be immortal if they can be killed ...)

Highlander 2 ,sf,4

Land of Pharoes (s),h,4 (An unusual and brilliant film about building the pyramids.)

Sleeper ,sf,5 (One of Woody Allen's best.)

Splash ,csf,5 (The Daryl Hannah romantic fantasy - would you give up everything to go with her to a new world? Cf cryonics)

Schindler's List, war,5 (excellent lesson for us all! Cf helping people escaping the National Socialists with helping people sign for cryopreservation and escaping from death and its attendant bureaucrats. Who's on YOUR list?)

Lorenzo's Oil, -,4 (Battle against the medical establishment)

Man with Two Brains ,ch,5 (very funny SF comedy, with neuropreservation undertones)

Woody Allen: death and sex ,ch,3

Total Recall, sf,5 (looks at virtual reality issues - relevant to uploading etc.)

These are all good films - well worth getting if you have not seen them already:

Blood from the Mummy's Tomb ,h,4 (mummy horror)

Attack of the Fifty Woman,sf,2 (sci-fi B movie)

Love at First Bite ,ch,4 (vampire comedy)

Supergirl, sf,3

The Hunger ,h,5 (female vampire)

Red Sonja (m) ,f,4 (sword and sorcery)

Barbarella ,sf,3 (You will love it - if you have not seen it you are in for a treat.)

2001 2010 space odyssey,sf,5 (the sci-fi classics)

A Fistful of Dollars,w,3 (Western with the unforgettable theme tune from Morricone)

Abdication ,h,3 (possibly could be a woman and power movie)

Back to the Future ,sf,3

Belly of an Architect, l,3 (libertarian movie)

Black Hole, sf,3

Chinese Ghost Story ,h,?

Chronos, ch,? (Time travel comedy)

Cloning of Joanna May, sf,5 (Time travel romance)

Commando ,h sf,?

Conan the Barbarian, f,4

Cruel Train, h,4

Death Ship, h,4 (ghosts at sea)

Dracula (Mevagissey),h,4

Dracula - the True Story, h,5

Dr Strangelove The satirical film about the cold war., cw,6

Dracula 1972, h,4

Duel,h,5 (the film about the evil lorry that pursues a motorist)

Dune (s) ,sf,5

Fall of House of Usher ,h,4 (Poe horror)

The Man Who Would be King ,-,5 (Kipling story)

Fatherland, sf,5 (Believable story - if the Krauts won, how the world would be)

Firefox, sf,5 (borderline SF - Pearson and Shaw mentioned in credits!)

Forbidden Planet, sf,5 (SF Classic)

Frankenstein - True Story. ,h,5

Good Bad & Ugly, w,3 (western)

Gorky Park, -,3

Hang 'em High , w,2

Harold and Maude, c,5 (Unusual comedy about a young man obsessed with funerals who has a relationship with an old woman)

High Plains Drifter, w,3

If ,cd,5 (About a UK public school - ends in an armed uprising after many brutal beatings etc.)

Independence day, sf,3

Jamaica Inn ,-,3 (Cornwall romance)

Leap of Faith ,?,? (A brilliant examination of the con known as religion)

Lifespan ,sf,?

Lord Jim,-,5 (The superb take by Joseph Conrad in an excellent production)

Masque of Red Death, h,4 (another good Poe film)

Massacre at Rome , war,5 (excellent view of war and religion)

Moonraker ,-,5 (The James Bond film about the space shuttle - one of the best)

Music Lovers ,-,2 (one of Ken Russell's irreverent looks at classical musicians)

Mutiny on the Bounty (Vangelis version),-,5

Mutiny on the Bounty, -,4

Navigator ,sf,4 (Engrossing, very imaginative tale of psychic boy in tiny medieval English village who, to protect villagers from the plague, leads a tunneling expedition--which emerges in a modern city in 1988. )

O Lucky Man, ch,4 (good comedy about British middle class dropouts of the 60s. Mammoth allegory with surrealistic flavor about young coffee salesman who pushes his way to the top only to fall and rise again)

Omega Man ,sf,5 (Poor moral, but great film! This is a top "10" classic which is way ahead of its time by todays standards. You are on the edge the whole time, even if its been seen 10 times before )

Omen II ,h,5 (The best of the Omen films)

Other Side of the Sun ,sf,4

Pale Rider w,3

Paton Lust for Glory, war,5

Peggy Sue ,sf,5 (Time travel romance)

Psychomania ,h,3 (Good 60s lifestyle film Pact with Devil brings British motorcycle gang back from the grave. Lots of weird violence as undead bikers blaze a kamikaze trail of destruction across prepunk England)

Quadrophenia, h,3 (Good 60s lifestyle film Franc Roddam's terrifically energetic movie, set to music from the Who's Quadrophenia, is--at the very least, the best film ever based on a rock album (and, yes, that includes, Tommy, Pink Floyd: The Wall, and Jesus Christ Superstar). Actually, this tale of the battle between two early '60s youth subcultures--Mods and Rockers--in the seaside teenage wasteland of Brighton, England)

Quatermass, sf,5

Quest for Love, sf,5 (Excellent parallel worlds romance)

Raise the Titanic, sf,5 (The critics hated it, I loved it)

Scream Scream, h,?

She ,h,4 (The Rider Haggard classic)

Shop of Horrors ,ch,5

Stargate, sf,5

Star Trek V - final frontier, sf,5

Star Trek - Voyage Home, sf,5

Terminator II - Judgement Day, sf,5

The Arrival, s,4 (An alien contact film)

The Fly II, sf,5 (By far the best Fly film - the development of the transporter)

The Raven, h,5 (Superb 1930s horror - forget the black and white and poor sound. Momentous teaming of horror greats with Lugosi as doctor with Poe-obsession, Karloff a victim of his wicked schemes. Hinds is subjected to torture from ``The Pit and the Pendulum'' in film's climax. Great fun throughout. )

The Abyss, sf,5

Star Trek II

The Search For Spock ,sf,5

The Silence of the Lambs, h,5 (well made film, grisly subject)

The Remains of the Day ,-,5

The Last temptation of Christ, -,5

The Rose ,m,5 (Excellent pop singer life story)

The Fountainhead ,l,3 (Ambitious but confused version of Ayn Rand philosophic novel, spotlighting an idealistic architect's clash with compromises of society; )

The Undead ,h,? Vampire western

The Empire of the Sun ,war,5 (superb war film)

They Live ,h,?

Thunder over the Plains ,w,3

Timescape ,sf,?

Titanic, -,5 (The hype is for once correct)

Two Way Stretch ,c,5 (Classic male prison comedy - recommended.)

Unman Whittering and Zhigo, h,5 (excellent school film - again recommended.)

Vamp ,ch,? Female vampire

Vengeance of She ,-,3

War of Worlds ,sf,4

Zepplin, war,5

key to type:

c comedy

cd comedy drama

ch comedy horror

csf comedy science fiction

f fantasy

h horror

l libertarian

m musical

sf science fiction


w western

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