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Title Author   Pages £
Anti-Aging News Bound volumes, 1981, 1984, 1985 Saul Kent (editor) (each year) h   15.04
Beginner's Introduction to Vitamins Dr Richard A. Passwater, PhD p 26 1.00
Brand Name Nutrition Counter (US book - many UK brands) Jean Carper p 326 2.75
Cardiovascular Nutrition Dr Bruce Miller p 32 1.00
Coming Off Tranquilizers US Book Shirley Trickett SRN p 110 3.25
Complete Guide to Anti Fat Nutrients Sean Caston p 40 2.00
DMSO The Painkiller Barry Tarsis p 208 2.50
DMSO Short Course R.D. Gutting & Dr WC Douglas, MD p 16 1.00
Energy-Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Too Weary to Ask Naura Hayden p 208 2.50
Engines of Creation (Important new technology) Dr Eric K. Drexler p 298 11.20
Evening Primrose Oil Judy Graham p 112 4.00
Feverfew - Your Headache May be Over (and Arthritis) Ken Hancock, Drs P & WH Lee p 109 4.75
Fat Dictator Diet, Featuring GLA Alan Macdonald p 56 2.00
Germanium - A New Approach to Immunity US Book Dr Betty Kamen p 38 2.00
Goodby Doubter (selection of essays on immortalism) David S. Pizer (large format) p 68 4.00
How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient Dr R. O. Nara, DDS p 188 7.00
If We Could Keep A Severed Head Alive (excesses of surgery, US Book) Chet Fleming h 461 10.00
Inositol, Nature's Anxiety Fighter Arnold William Burke, Jr p 25 2.00
Instant Vitamin and Mineral Locator Rev Hanna Kroeger p 70 1.75
Ion Effect Fred Soyka and Alan Edmonds p 163 2.50
Life Extension - A Practical Scientific Approach * Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw p 858 11.20
Lysine, Tryptophan and Other Amino Acids Robert Garrison, RPh, MA p 26 1.50
Man into Superman US Book Professor RCW Ettinger h 188 6.50
Maximum Immunity US Book Dr Michael Weiner p 385 3.00
Maximum Lifespan US Book (Immortalism from a respected author) Dr Roy Walford p 256 4.36
Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium Dr Kazuhiko Asai p 171 9.75
Miracle Nutrient CoQ10 (Highly recommended) Emil G. Bliznakov and Gerald L. Hunt p 240 2.75
Money by the Mouthful (Exposes dental fallacies) Dr R. O. Nara, DDS p 169 4.50
Negative Ions Dr Donsbach & Morton Walker, DPM p 26 1.35
120 Year Diet US Book Dr Roy Walford h 432 9.50
180 Degree Theory US Book (Become mentally self-sufficient) Dr R. O. Nara, DDS p 194 5.50
Please Doctor, I'd rather DIY with Vitamins and Minerals US Book LaDean Griffin p 120 3.50
Prospect of Immortality Professor RCW Ettinger h 311 3.00
Prospect of Immortality Box of 10 copies, parcel post Professor RCW Ettinger h 311 15.00
Ralph's Journey (Fiction about immortalism) David S. Pizer p 140 2.50
Selenium - Lifesaver Len White p 15 1.00
Stop Hair Loss US Book Dr Paavo Airola, PhD ND p 31 1.50
Venturist Radio Interviews (audio cassette) David S. Pizer 4.00
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Dr Abram Hoffer, MD PhD p 26 1.00
Vitamin Manual for the Confused Monte Kline p 27 1.00
Wipe Out Herpes with BHT (also general use of BHT) John A Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes p 64 4.50
Worldwide Secrets for Staying Young US Book Dr Paavo Airola p 206 5.20
WOT Position - Self Actualisation for Women Mae A. Junod p 287 7.00
Your Personal Vitamin Profile Dr Michael Colgan p 300 6.50

* recommended for general overview of subject h=hardback, p=paperback

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Encyclopaedia of Nutritional Supplements by Michael Murray

It's not a "safe" book which only talks about the nutritional medicine that nutritionists all agree on (in which case it would be pamphlet). It's a big fat book with a zillion references by a big honcho naturopath who really thinks he can influence some diseases by giving big doses of various nutrients. He gives his reasoning and references and lets you decide. Very useful. Give me a big fat well-referenced book full of guesses any day, over a thin and tepid yawner of a thing full of information about how much folate you kill by boiling your carrots too long, and how you might need an extra milligram or two of B6 if you take birth control pills. ( Steve Harris, M. D.)

Dr Harris wrote this after he criticised Pearson and Shaw's Life Extension. I asked him what one book on life extension by nutrition he would recommend.

The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit 9) by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey

The vast complexity of organismal degeneration with age has too often intimidated gerontologists into over-cautious interpretation of their results. As a result, theories of mammalian aging have been too open and preliminary to underpin the design of medical interventions. This book breaks new ground in the effort to overcome that inertia, by providing a highly detailed and experimentally well-founded model of mammalian aging, together with analysis of the ways in which that model may be.

Secrets of Life Extension US Book by John A. Mann

Another general book on supplementation, written some while ago, that many people still swear by.

Biological Aging MeasurementUS Book by Ward Dean

There can be big diffrence between one's chronological age and biological age. Do you want to find out how to measure biological age? In 1988, Ward Dean, M.D. put together a fairly comprehensive book on this subject called "Biological Aging Measurement" (published by The Center for Bio-Gerontology in Los Angeles, CA)

The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan

If you think that there is any truth in the myriad of unprovable (or un-disprovable) beliefs around the world concerning a natural post mortem existence, then read this book. Or if you want some ammunition to deal with people who oppose your plans for life extension, you will find some useful arguments here. Yet regrettably Sagan was annihilated - he did not chose cryopreservation.

The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan

This is the audio cassette version of the above book. It is unbeleivably cheap - I recommend that you buy this as well as the paperback and listen whilst you are gardening or whatever, and use the paperback for reference or for scanning references onto the Internet when you want to teach people rationality.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

This Libertarian Bible earns a place here because the established money making cartels present a threat to life extension and cryonics. Apparently, people who make good livings from practising law or medicine or business has such a vested interested in the status quo that they are not happy with the enormous changes an indefinite lifespan would bring upon society. There Libertarian principles are often a part of the ideas of people who strive to make death optional.

Beyond the Body by Susan J. Blackmore

Another one for those who think that out of the body experience prove an afterlife. Dr Blackmore has studied this carefully and in depth. She wanted to be able to prove it, but regretfully she was unable to. Here is an account of her work.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

This science fact classic really needs no introduction, except again it teaches rational thought as opposed to blind faith. As far as I know, though, Professor Dawkins has no interest in cryonics. He is probably too busy being famous.

The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch

Another classic, and also highly entertaining and readable. Do you know that it is physically impossible simulate certain things in virtual reality? So if you think this world is a computer simulation, then read on. This author too carefully explains away some widely held beliefs about a natural afterlife, but I know of no interest in cryopreservation here either.

Cults of Unreason by Christopher Evans

This doesn't take a swing at established irrational beliefs, buts its careful dissection of the large but unestablished cults is a clear lesson for those who decides against cryonics in order to take comfort in something easier.

Butterfly Economics - A New General Theory of Social and Economic Behaviour by Paul Ormerod

"If there must be a government economist, letís give the job to Ormerod." - Simon Jenkins, The Times

Simon Jenkins was just one of the commentators who found Paul Ormerod's bestselling The Death of Economics a thought provoking and incisive contribution to current thinking. In his new book, Ormerod takes his arguments a step further and explains how complexity theory can be applied with great effect to national and global economies.

Ormerod's thesis is that the economy is more like a living organism than a machine, and as such is a system on the edge of chaos. Tiny fluctuations can cause enormous changes, and the future is exceptionally difficult to predict and manage, making a mockery of both left and right-wing policies on such issues as unemployment, poverty or lone parents. And given that much of the control that governments believe they exercise over the economy and society is illusory; both government and business thinkers need to adopt radically different approaches. Ormerod's compelling analysis of this problem, and his formulation of 'butterfly economics', makes required reading as the word faces widespread economic crisis.

Science of Aliens by Clifford Pickover

Dr Clifford Pickover's book evokes a sense of wonder often absent in much so called science *fiction* these days, especially the political wranglings of humans dressed in funny rubber make up kits in Star Trek, X Files or Babylon 5.

He discusses issues such as whether aliens will offer humanity immortality as means of subduing our warlike nature. Even more mind stretching is the possibility that when all matter is exhausted in the universe after 10^100 years, there will still exist a "diffuse sea of electrons". He evokes questions such as: Could these be arranged into structures to contain the intelligence of immortals left over from the age of matter? Could these structures simulate universes of matter that appear to their inhabitants to be like the universe we currently inhabit?

On the basis that most of the lifespan of the universe will be spent in this state, it is in fact more probable that we inhabit such a simulation than the real thing!

Dr Pickover speculates further about way life could survive in this post-matter age of the universe in "Science of Aliens".

Science Fiction:

Host by Peter James

This is a hard hitting novel featuring cryonics in the Stephen King genre. It is an excellent read, and although Mr James personally thinks cryonics is a good idea, his characters who opt for cryopreservation do have rather a hard time. But there is an upbeat ending. Highly recommended as entertainment.

The First Immortal by James Halperin

This very new novel is destined to become a classic. After reading it many people may be encouraged to make cryopreservation arrangements. Click here for its website. Highly recommended. It is best read in conjunction with

The Truth Machine by James Halperin

This novel concerns the creation of a perfect lie detector, and the subsequent collapse of the US legal profession. There is some cryonics, and its characters occupy the same, or at least a very similar world to that in which The First Immortal is written. Highly recommended.

Freezing Down Anders Bodelsen

This is a depressing novel which probably expresses many people's views on cryopreservation.

The Divine Invasion Philip K. Dick (who also wrote the novel upon which was based the film Bladerunner)

A middle of the road novel that features cryopreservation, but the concept of people being conscious and dreaming whilst cryopreserved is simply ridiculous.

The Door Into Summer Robert Heinlein

This is a very positive novel about cryonics, but it is reduced by the fact that the author chose to rot rather than be cryopreserved himself. Clearly he did not believe in what he wrote about so passionately.

A World Out of Time Larry Niven

One of my favourites, this somewhat paranoid novel is an excellent read. If you only get one of these, make it this one!

HealerUS Book F. Paul Wilson

Another favourite, with similar freedom orientated views to the previous novel.

The Age of the Pussyfoot Frederick Pohl

This vaguely humourous novel about cryonics doesn't make the future that encouraging, but it is good fun. Pohl was offered free suspension (when he dies, of course) by Alcor, but he turned it down.

The City and the Stars Arthur C. Clarke

This was written decades ago, and takes a look at the engineering of a closed society of immortals. The message that immortality is bad is unfortunately what it gives us, but the technical ideas of how such a society may be formed are nonetheless interesting. Alvin, the intrepid hero, returns the immortals to a birth-life-suffering-death cycle in this otherwise entertaining read.

Give me Immortality or give me death

US CD The Firesign Theatre, the radio and recording comedy troupe, has reunited and released a new CD entitled "Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death!"

And finally,

books by my wife, who writes passionate women's romances under the name of Chrissie Loveday. Click on the titles to get access to full details and notes written by the author.

The Path to Love

Lovers Don't Lie

Do It Tomorrow

Prime Resource : Handbook for Teachers Working with Ancillary Support

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