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Contents are provided for information only, under the right to free speech. Opinions are the authors' own. No professional advice is intended. If you wish others to be legally responsible for your health, life or finances, then please consult a professional regulated according to the laws of your country.

Article submissions for future issues are welcomed. Longevity Report is concerned with facts that help people in the war on suffering, ageing and death. We are not concerned with personalities and who is right. We do publish way out ideas and hopefully where they are wrong people will be able to correct them in a manner which will help us reach out to our goal - to make ageing and death optional.

Only fools fight in burning houses, and everyone on earth is living in a burning house - their own bodies which will case to exist and thereby causing annihilation of the program and data (=soul) therein.

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Bob Brakeman

Yvan Bozzonetti

Steve Gallant and OMT

Brian Haines

Chrissie Loveday

Douglas Skrecky

Mike Zehse

Bob Brakeman

The Cats Ate the Rats and the Rats Ate the Cats Bob Brakeman

Guys and Dolls and Damon Bob Brakeman

Here the Snakes Hang Thick from the Cypress Trees ... Bob Brakeman

Robert Loius Stevenson's Finest Hour Bob Brakeman

Two Girls Looking Down from the Bluffs Bob Brakeman

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan Bob Brakeman

Who Needs Tahiti Bob Brakeman

And the Hunter Home From the Hill Bob Brakeman

The Saga of Charlie Amlin Bob Brakeman

"And Hell Followed With Him" Bob Brakeman

Frankly I'm Very Scared Bob Brakeman

I've Laughed and Loved in the Summertime Bob Brakeman

Which are the Higher Primates - Scientists or Baboons? Bob Brakeman

Ozzie and Harriett meet Dr Frankenstein Bob Brakeman

Anti Death Ethics in Strange Places Bob Brakeman

America Needs More Hostile Attitudes Bob Brakeman

An Article That Will Lift You Out of the Doldrums Bob Brakeman

Glittering at Night With a Million Lights Bob Brakeman

Too Many People Have Died Bob Brakeman

The Great Immortalist Hit Parade Quote Machine And Trivia Contest Bob Brakeman

Dead Man's Curve Bob Brakeman

Socialising with the Czar Bob Brakeman

The Lincoln Kid Bob Brakeman

The American Frontier and Cryonics by Bob Brakeman

The Only Movie Star Robert Brakeman

Yvan Bozzonetti

Cheap Growth Hormone Yvan Bozzonetti

Points from the Press Yvan Bozzonetti

Life Extension Remarks Yvan Bozzonetti

One Chasmosaurus, Please Yvan Bozzonetti

About BHT and Similar Products Yvan Bozzonetti

A Squeezed Way to a New Life Yvan Bozzonetti

Green Longevity Yvan Bozzonetti

Cryonics End Yvan Bozzonetti

It Does not Work Yvan Bozzonetti

On the Beech Yvan Bozzonetti

The Agathis Austalis (Kauri) Story. Yvan Bozzonetti

Some Thoughts on Ageism Chrissie Loveday

How You Could Take it With You John de Rivaz

Zehse's Cuttings

Longevity Report 37

Volume 4 no 37. First published February 1993. ISSN 0964-5659.

Dental Review Dr Gabriel Landini, Dr Odont, PhD

Laser Scanning for Dental Surgery John de Rivaz

Taking it With You - 2 John de Rivaz

Letters - Trees, Technology Shops, Swiss Banks, Acetone, Exercise, God

Ivory Castles Brian Haines

A One-a-Day May Keep the Doctor Away Douglas Skrecky

Cold War Yvan Bozzonetti.

Specific Cold Vaccine Cook Book Yvan Bozzonetti

DIY Taxol Kit Yvan Bozzonetti

Time Communications Yvan Bozzonetti

Mathematical Life Extension Yvan Bozzonetti

What is Life Yvan Bozzonetti

Is Time Money? Yvan Bozzonetti

Black Flag Yvan Bozzonetti

An ESP Speculation - C-Time Yvan Bozzonetti

Time News Yvan Bozzonetti

ESP Cooling Yvan Bozzonetti

Is Superstition an Illness Yvan Bozzonetti

Aspirin News Yvan Bozzonetti

Some Ideas About Alzheimer's Disease Yvan Bozzonetti

Swap Country Yvan Bozzonetti

Astronomical Conservation Yvan Bozzonetti

Cryonics Recovery Yvan Bozzonetti

Freeze (Partial) Drying Yvan Bozzonetti

Saving Communism Yvan Bozzonetti

From prions to nanotechnology Yvan Bozzonetti

From XXX to Chinchilla. Yvan Bozzonetti

Financing Cryonics with Real Estate. Yvan Bozzonetti

The Many Faces of Ageing Yvan Bozzonetti

Response to Stephen Barrett on Vitamin C Yvan Bozzonetti

Fractals, Mind, and High Energy Physics Yvan Bozzonetti

The New Vitamin C Yvan Bozzonetti

Echinacea Yvan Bozzonetti

CT-2584, a Kinder Cancer drug Yvan Bozzonetti

Life Extension with Toxic Products? Yvan Bozzonetti

Relativistic Thermodynamics From Intermediate Nanomachines. Yvan Bozzonetti

End Of The AGEs. Yvan Bozzonetti

Can Computing Devices Beat Physical Laws? Yvan Bozzonetti

What is Chaos Yvan Bozzonetti

Brain Geometry Yvan Bozzonetti

Two Photons Interferometers Yvan Bozzonetti

Microtech Or Nanotech ? Yvan Bozzonetti 17

Cryonics or Mere Freezing? Yvan Bozzonetti 14

Antibiotics and the Fruit Fly Experiments Yvan Bozzonetti16

Steve Gallant and OMT

(These are put together because they are of similar style and quality.)

Ginko Biloba and Hydergine Steve Gallant

Feverfew - Miracle Herb O.M.T.

Aminoguanidine O.M.T.

Adrafinil OMT

The Vinpocetine Story OMT

Biostim OMT


Beyond DMSO Steve Gallant

Skin Aging and Tretinoin OMT

Dexfenfluramin OMT

Chrissie Loveday

Cryonics - a Mother's Initial Thoughts Chrissie Loveday

Me, My Doctors, and HRT Chrissie Loveday

Life Regardless of Cost Chrissie Loveday

Cryonics - Why Me? Chrissie Loveday

Some Thoughts on Ageism Chrissie Loveday

A Mother's Thoughts on Genes and Immortality Chrissie Loveday

Who'll Scrub my Back? Chrissie Loveday

Cryonics and Cranks Chrissie Loveday

What Will They Think? Chrissie Loveday

Hearing is Believing Chrissie Loveday

Who is Right? Chrissie Loveday

Me? A Grandparent? Chrissie Loveday

It's Media Time Again, Folks! Chrissie Loveday

Communication Chrissie Loveday

Women In Cryonics - Some Thoughts from a Relative Newcomer Chrissie Loveday

Is your Label User-friendly Chrissie Loveday

Listening and Hearing Chrissie Loveday

Bed Time? Sleep Time? Chrissie Loveday

Obsession Chrissie Loveday

Our newest, best ever.... Chrissie Loveday

Who Should I Believe?Chrissie Loveday

Out of the Freezer, Into the Alcohol. Chrissie Loveday

Accepting the Unacceptable Chrissie Loveday

What's in a Genre 15

Vote for me and I'll ... 3

Changes Chrissie Loveday 3

Today's The Day Chrissie Loveday2

What Price Freedom of Choice? Chrissie Loveday

I Love the U.S.A! Chrissie Loveday

You Haven't Changed a Bit! Chrissie Loveday

Nostalgia Isn't What it Used to Be! Chrissie Loveday

To Freeze or Not to Freeze? Chrissie Loveday

Douglas Skrecky

Some Meditations on Lyophilisation Douglas Skrecky

High Speed Desiccation Douglas Skrecky

Seeking the Fountain of Youth Douglas Skrecky

Organ Transplantation Douglas Skrecky

Why Do We Age Douglas Skrecky

The Cause of Ageing Douglas Skrecky

Recent Research and Diabetics Douglas Skrecky

How to Failure Proof Cryonics Douglas Skrecky

Vitrification Douglas Skrecky

Vitamin E Story Douglas Skrecky

ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Douglas Skrecky

Looking Good Douglas Skrecky

Vitamin E May Prevent Brain Damage Douglas Skrecky

Time Machine Construction Douglas Skrecky

A One-a-Day May Keep the Doctor Away Douglas Skrecky

Dessication as Cryonic Insurance Douglas Skrecky

Permafrost Burial Douglas Skrecky

Potassium Cures Kidney Stones Douglas Skrecky

Do Monkeys Get Ulcers Douglas Skrecky

Extraterrestrial Intelligence Douglas Skrecky

A Possible Cure for Alzheimer's Disease Douglas Skrecky

Chronic Fatige Update Douglas Skrecky

Mood and Micronutrients Douglas Skrecky

Are the Permafrost Patients Dead? - A Reply Douglas Skrecky

Prostates and Papayas Douglas Skrecky

Emmortalism Douglas Skrecky

Dental Health Douglas Skrecky

Vitamin E Prevents Coronary Disease Douglas Skrecky

The Miraculous Origin of Terrestrial Life Douglas Skrecky

Vascular Dementia & Potassium Douglas Skrecky

Dental Products Douglas Skrecky

A Novel Treatment for Migraine Douglas Skrecky

The Origin of Life Douglas Skrecky

A Possible Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis Douglas Skrecky

Taurine versus hepatitis B Douglas Skrecky

Magnetic Therapy for Senile Dementia Douglas Skrecky

A Reply to Klaus Reinhard Douglas Skrecky

Dental Products Douglas Skrecky

Caffeine, Chelation, and Melatonin Douglas Skrecky

Beta Carotene Douglas Skrecky

Ginkgo Biloba Douglas Skrecky

Avoiding Blindness Douglas Skrecky

Preventing Osteoporosis Douglas Skrecky

A Cure for Osteoarthritis? Douglas Skrecky

Aphrodisiacs Douglas Skrecky

More Dental Pharmacology Douglas Skrecky

Suggestions For Russian Permafrost Burial Project Douglas Skrecky

IQ Type Mutagens May Be The Major Dietary Carcinogens Douglas Skrecky

Pharmaceutical notes- Beta Carotene, Chromium, Retin-A, Herbs and Lupus Douglas Skrecky

Ginkgo Biloba Versus Alzheimer's Disease Douglas Skrecky

Mental Health RoundupDouglas Skrecky

A Possible Cure for Osteoarthritis Douglas Skrecky

Novel Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Douglas Skrecky

Tomatoes & Strawberries Prevent Cancer Douglas Skrecky

Exercise, Calories and genesDoug Skrecky

Life Extension NotesDouglas Skrecky

Deprenyl and Life ExtensionDouglas Skrecky

Miscellaneous Round-up Douglas Skrecky

Freeze Drying a Brain,

PBS/Melatonin Extends the Lifespan of Diabetic Mice,

Life Expectancy Statistics

Maximum Lifespan

Successful Biotin Treatment of Diabetes

Caloric Restriction, Glycemic Index and Diabetes

Dinh Lang Extends Lifespan,

DNA-RNA Chloroform Injections Increase lifespan 144%,

Variations on a Straight Freeze

Avoiding Hunger

Can Lycopene Delay Ageing,

Beware Calcium Channel Blockers,

Can Phosphagain delay age-related frailty?

Beware skin creams with vitamin E.

Life Extension Supplement Test 12

Drosophila Longevity Experiments 13

Successful Organ Cryopreservation Experiments 14

Acetyl L-Carnitine Improves
the Cognitive Function of Alzheimer's Patients 15

Miscellaneous Round-up 17

The Oldest Man 17

Herbal Teas 17

Vitamin A pregnancy warning 17

My Visit to Yellowknife 10

Lithium chloride and autoimmune reactions 12

Second Update on My Fly Experiments 13

Fetal Mouse Hearts Revived 14

How to Save Your Teeth 14

Third Update on My Drosophila Experiments 18

The Fourth Update on My Fly Experiments 19

The Fifth Update on My Fly Experiments 22

Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky 8

Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky 5

Mice Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky 10

Hot Cryonics Douglas Skrecky 15

Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky3

Long-Evans Rat Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky10

  • Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky
  • A Novel Method of Rejuvenation Douglas Skrecky
  • Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky

    C57BL/6J Mice Longevity Database Douglas Skrecky

    Caloric Restriction Does not Slow Ageing in Humans Douglas Skrecky

    Treatment With L-Deprenyl Prolongs Life in Elderly Dogs Douglas Skrecky

    Fruit Fly Experiments Douglas Skrecky

    21st Update on My Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky

    Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky

    Effect of Ginkgo on Life Span Douglas Skrecky

    Dietary Treatment of Breast Cancer Doug Skrecky

    Freeze Drying Douglas Skrecky

    Brian Haines

    The Brian Haines Letter Brian Haines

    Health Now - Freeze Later Brian Haines

    Medical Ethics Brian Haines

    Taking Stock Brian W. Haines

    New Age Medicine Brian W. Haines

    Breaking the Death Barrier Brian W. Haines

    Ivory Castles Brian Haines

    A Trust That Lasts Forever? Brain Haines

    A Brief History of Death Brian Haines

    In Defence of ESP Brian Haines

    Terror Libris Brian Haines

    Am I the Mug? Brian Haines

    A Touch of DIY Medicine Brain Haines

    Pay Now, Die Later Brian W. Haines

    The Sless Case and Magna Carta Brian W. Haines

    Give Yourself Muscle with Creatine Brian W. Haines

    Of Life and Death Brian W. Haines

    Keeping up with the Technology Brian Haines

    The New World View Brian W. Haines

    The Brave New World Brian W. Haines

    The Re-creationists Brian W. Haines

    Towards Justice Brian W. Haines

    A Random Tought Brian W. Haines

    The Big Health Fraud Brian W. Haines

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