The Light Diet:

In The Light Diet, Elisabeth Constantine emonstrates how the power of loving yourself can change your body-shape forever.

The book operates on the premise "think light, feel light, be light" and ascertains that if you "love your spirit, love your mind, love your emotions and love your body" you will become the true, perfect you, in body, mind and spirit and set yourself free from old emotional and mental conditioning.

This universe is created by and with the love and Light of God. Godís unconditional love is the superglue, which holds it all together, thus matter is in a sense "frozen light" vibrating on different frequencies.

By releasing all which is not love from our mental, emotional and physical body, we thus remove the energy-blockages that have prevented us from being happy and healthy and having the perfect body-shape. If we choose to fill ourselves with light-filled thoughts, emotions and foods we will be able to live a happy, healthy life filled with love and light.

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