The Light Diet CD:

In The Light Diet CD, Elisabeth Constantine demonstrates how the power of loving yourself can change your body-shape forever.

The Light Diet Meditations

Meditations created and guided by Elisabeth Constantine, author of Light Meditations for a Year and The Light Diet.

Musical accompaniment by Elisabeth Constantine.

  1. Welcome and general introduction.
  2. Setting up and preparing for your meditation.
  3. Attunement: a meditation for deep relaxation, release and balancing the body, emotions, mind and spirit.
  4. Cleansing meditation: a letting go of all that is not love. A thorough cleansing of all the levels of your being.
  5. Working with the heavenly energies of Archangel Michael to cut unhealthy energy-cords, reclaiming your lost power and achieving a complete healing through forgiveness and blessings.
  6. A powerful Self-healing meditation for your physical body, followed by the six-pointed star reprogramming visualisation encoding the divine blue-print of your true self.
  7. Closing down, protection and giving thanks.
  8. The Light Diet plan, your daily positive living affirmations for a happy, healthy you.
  9. Goodbye and blessings.

Elisabeth Constantine has been active as a transformation teacher, healing tutor, workshop-facilitator and therapist for over 15 years and specialises in dynamic inner journeywork. Elisabeth is a healer and a member and former tutor for the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Reiki Teacher/Master. She is one of the founder members of the "Wheel of Light Healing Centres Project" and of the "Sharing the Light Group".

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