Elisabeth has been inspired by and worked with the Angelic Kingdom for many years after a beautiful radiant 12foot Angel appeared to her in the church of St.Francis of Assisi in Goa.

Since then she has lead many workshops on the subject and her latest addition to her work, three Angel meditation CDs have been enthusiastically received by many Light workers and Earth Angels alike, which is of course what you are, other wise you would not be looking at what you are reading at the moment.

Also she teaches Angel Reiki within her "RAY OF LIGHT Reiki Healer Trainingã", uplifting Reiki into a newer, lighter dimension.

Elisabeth does of course have psychic and clairvoyant abilities, however the Angel Readings take place in the context of a spiritual counselling session, as she believes in a practical, grounded, integrated spirituality, not in telling people what they would want to hear, (which is very often sadly the case with many readings).

Elisabeth’s aim is to be a clear channel for empowering you, to lead a full, happy life, surrounded by the Angels and beings of Light, which are forever here to help and guide you.

If you would like to think of 3 key-questions before you book your appointment and also choose your favourite set of the Oracle cards you would like Elisabeth to use for your Angel Reading. Your choice is Archangel, Mermaids and Dolphins, or Healing with Angels. They are pictured here and all of them are by Dr Doreen Virtue, PhD.

All Angel Readings are private and completely confidential, no information given to Elisabeth will be disclosed at any time.

You will need to book your appointment by ringing Elisabeth on 01872 263546 or sending her an email at plus send a cheque or postal order, for £25 for a 30minute reading or £50 for a 60 minute reading. Please write your name, address and card number on the back of the cheque. The appointment will take place after Elisabeth has received your payment. If your reading takes place after 6pm Elisabeth is happy to ring you and foot the telephone bill, if your Angel Reading commences during the day, you will need to ring her at the appointed, pre-arranged time.

Please feel free to ring or email Elisabeth with any further questions you may have.

I am looking forward to be of service to you

With many blessings
and a big Angel hug