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'Women, work and the world - with wit!' - That's how I described the particular body of work represented by the paintings shown. I wanted to explain how it felt to be a woman at that time. I am sure these thoughts were crystallized in my etchings of that period. After the freedom of a large canvas, the disciplined approach needed to convert the image from 4 feet by 3 feet to a metal plate 8 inches by 6, is very compelling! These images were very well received and continued to sell in Cornwall, which is satisfying. My greatest regret is that, despite oiling the steel plates I used for these etchings, and wrapping each one in several layers of acid-free tissue, all the plates have rusted beyond redemption. I am told it is my close proximity to the salty sea air. So THAT'S the price I paid for a life by the sea!!


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