Funk Dance

The file is called Fnkdance.mid and - as the name implies - it's a very dancable, funky kind of tune.

I composed, arranged and edited all the tracks except the drums/percussion track. I only arranged this track, what created it was the accompaniment section to a Kawai X50-D keyboard. What I did there was select a funk-style rhythm accompaniment, muted all the other parts, and then recorded a drum track into Cakewalk synced with my already existing melody - including the intro, fills and ending. Since the drums were recorded prequantized it was just a matter of moving measures around 'til I like where everything was.

Although you'll see the copyright () symbol this composition is not registered with the Library of Congress, I really just did that as a precautionary measure to ward off people with questionable intentions. I really just composed it for fun and don't feel that it's a serious piece of work. Feel free to offer this file for downloading on the Internet - or any other type of network - through your WEB site. I don't have a WEB site myself but - since you agreed to give me some link from your site - people can contact me via email at Thanks for everything, best of luck!

Email VegaAlex, the composer.

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