The Path to Love
There is a Hard Cover large print edition available. Its cover is seen on the right.
"Scarlet gave me the chance to include everyone."
My first published, full length romance was a pleasure to write. I was always left feeling dissatisfied by the popular shorter length books; the ones that never allow the characters of the rest of the family to be developed. Very few people live their lives in complete isolation and it is often the others who influence decisions and outcomes. Relationships involve so much more than the hero and heroine and Scarlet gave me the chance to include everyone. Time spent in Australia was my inspiration ... I live in the UK and adore travelling. What must it be like to arrive in a new country, your only contact the family who offered you a job? A chance meeting with a travelling companion provides another friend in this new world ... she just happens to have a good looking son. But Kerrien finds her heart drawn in another direction entirely ... to her boss and his adorable kids. How on earth can she cope with an unfriendly, protective sister and a girl-friend, determined to marry the guy? Which of her two guys will she choose? You'll have to read it to discover the answers!
"Take a peek at life Down Under where men are hot and the "barbies" sizzle!" Affair de Coeur
"Skilfully modernized romance offers pleasurable reading." Romantic Times
"A well written, happy-ever-after story." Rendezvous

Lovers Don't Lie
There is a Hard Cover large print edition available. It's cover is seen on the right.
Complex relationships, with hearts leading the way
My second Scarlet book, this time set in my beloved Cornwall. The cottage and hotel complex became so real to me that I was almost looking them up in the phone book to see if they really do exist. There are so many out of the way places in Cornwall, it is always easy to find somewhere new to visit. I shall continue my search ... Jenna and Simon must be somewhere around here! More complex relationships, with hearts leading the way into all kinds of difficulties. A chance meeting with the man who had been Jenna's teenage idol, provoked feelings she could never have imagined. She knew she could never have been in love before after all! The scruffy archaeologist had turned into a rich and powerful man who seemed to want her as much as she wanted him. Why not follow her heart? Why not accept what she had once longed for so very much. He was willing to give her everything she wanted. Fine, until she met his wife and saw his son. How on earth could she possibly destroy the lives of so many people? Chance flings them alone together. She could always be his mistress ... couldn't she? Can she allow her heart to rule her head?