Now Read On - stories for adults with reading difficulties.
A collection of stories for young adults with learning difficulties. The stories are designed for anyone who wants to practise reading skills but finds the usual magazines are too difficult and children's publication are just too childish. Language is simple and sentences reasonably short. Used in colleges and by teachers of dyslexic courses.

Now Read On - more stories for adults with reading difficulties.

Relationships - handbook for students with learning disabilities and their teachers.
This book is designed for use with young adults having learning difficulties. It explores the different relationships everyone encounters and provides discussion material for use in group work in both formal and informal situations. Designed for students having special needs from 15 upwards as part of self-advocacy courses, personal and social education courses. In a down to earth, practical series of topics, there are questions to answer and plenty of scope to trigger individuals own ideas.

Prime Resource : - handbook for teachers working with ancillary support
Is your ancillary your prime resource? Do you make the most of having help? How do the ancillaries feel? This book is largely aimed at teachers who have classroom helpers and ancillaries working with them. It is simple and practical and provides ways to maximise the valuable resource of having such help available. This book was written as a result of listening to a number of ancillary staff expressing their feelings about the way they are treated in schools and colleges. What should they do? What are they doing? It is often a breakdown in communications and time pressures which cause unnecessary problems. For anyone working with children, especially ‘difficult' children, it can provide helpful strategies, ideas and suggestions. Common sense and practical methods are used and the style is simple and very un-stuffy.

Kids Behaving Badly - behavioural difficulty handbook for teachers
This is a book written for anyone working or living with difficult children. There are self help exercises, strategies to try and diagnostic tests to use. It is down to earth, easy to read very ‘user friendly'. The author has spent many years teaching in a wide range of different schools, special schools, colleges and work experience placements. Drawing on experience, she has put together a book which can be used by anyone who needs it.

A home study course - for parents and carers of dyslexic children.