Dying to Take the Tour

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Explore the mysteries of Poldark’s Cornwall …

Taking a well-earned break from her job at a renewable energy company, Demelza Price decides to use her name and local knowledge of Cornwall to sign up to be a tour guide on a coach tour around the filming sites for the popular Poldark television series, with an overnight stay planned at a bespoke hotel: Poldark Lodge.

Demelza and the driver of the coach, PhD student Sam, find they make a good team and enjoy setting off with their twenty-four tourists.

The first day goes well and Demelza finds she is talented as a tour guide, but there is a rude awakening the next morning when one of the members of the tour is found murdered in his bed.

Suspicion falls on a missing couple of guests who have mysteriously disappeared overnight.

After a stressful police investigation, Demelza and Sam attempt to continue the tour amidst grumbles from the tour guests. But all is not proceeding according to plan...

The murderer is still at large and more troubles await Sam and Demelza.

Set against a backdrop of sweeping Cornish scenery, Dying to take the Tour combines the tension of a classic murder mystery with the current fascination for all things Poldark.