A Small Town affair

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Wealthy hotel heiress, Georgie Hetherington has had enough of having her life controlled.

She has rejected an arranged marriage, armed herself with a new identity, and begins her journey of self discovery in a small seaside town in Cornwall where she hopes to have nothing to worry about but tea and scones.

That is until she gets chatting to the gorgeous man who hangs around the cafe where she works.

Jay Jacob’s is dark, brooding and intent on sweeping Georgie off her feet. He is a welcome distraction from her mounting money worries - and as time goes by this seaside romance starts to turn into something much more serious.

It appears Jay Jacobs could be the answer to all of Georgie’s problems.

But is he really all that he seems?

With warnings ringing in her ears should she trust her instincts or keep her distance?

Georgie is about to find out how tough independence can be…

‘A Small Town Affair’ is a moving Cornish romance about new starts, self-discovery and finding love.