Personal Note by Chrissie Loveday (Arthur Bowker's daughter)

I am currently writing a book about my father and his work and am seeking further photographs of his work. If anyone can help, please contact me. Is there anyone who used to work for/with him who would be willing to contribute? Some of my other writing can be found here.

I am especially looking for the Alice in Wonderland characters, either for photographs or to purchase. I have now tracked down an incomplete mould for Alice, and on the link you can see pictures of what it can produce. I modelled for Alice as a child and would love to see it again. Other characters in the series were White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare and Caterpillar.

I now have pictures of the model of the Queen on the Coronation Throne and the King Edward Crown, although the latter may not have complete colourings.