How to pack fine bone china

The majority of the items you see on this web site were bought through eBay by post, and all that you see arrived safely. The best way to pack fine bone china is first to wrap the item in bubble paper and lightly tape it - just enough to stop it gradually getting unwrapped. Then get a box that is larger than the item by at least a couple of inches all the way round, and pack the bubble wrapped item in polystyrene beads making sure it is in the middle. There is no need to use particularly heavy materials for the box - whatever you use if it is run over by a steam roller it will not survive. What you do need to protect against is pressure on the box from other items in a mail sack. If the item touches both sides of the box then it will take any load given to the box and be broken.

National postal services (Royal Mail, US Postal Service etc) are usually adequate. For foreign mailings, airmail is not only quicker but more reliable. Surface mail can take from three to twelve weeks and seems to lose items from time to time. Specialist courier services (UPS, DHL, FedEx etc) and the suchlike are three or four times as expensive and only worthwhile for high value physically heavy or large consignments. They are also used by mail order companies who dispatch several 40ft lorry loads a day and who have negotiated special terms not available to small business or individuals.

Horror Stories

There is no point in relying on postal insurance for damage claims unless you are prepared to do a lot of work on a claim and possibly involve a lawyer. They will not pay out if the item is inadequately packed and overseas shipments involve hours of work form filling to get the two postals systems to agree as to whether the claim is valid and who should pay.

This advice is given in good faith, but no liability is recognised from anyone following it.