Arthur Bowker's Miscellaneous Items


This plate was found in Poland. Thanks to Daga Salamon for the picture.


This little pinbox shown here was one of many similar small items produced.

Miniature Coffee set

The coffee pot stands 3 1/2" including lid, the sugar is 1" high and the creamer 1 3/4" high.

Log with flowers

This log, shown from both sides, is 2, 1/2" high and 6" long.

Set of small jugs

These jugs are 2" high, with the shorter one being 1 1/2".

Set of small jugs

These jugs came in two types - with a pink and a white background.

Miniature vase

2" tall. There were many similar miniature vases made all in slightly different shapes.

Cruet Set

Salt, mustard and pepper - these are about 3" high

Marmalade Pot

Marmalade Pot about 4" high

Flower bowls

Other small items

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