CasePatent noSubjectCo Author, if any
3356111Valve Circuits 
4355705Frequency Measurements 
5344936AmplifiersSandeman 11-5-1
6356210Valve Amplifiers 
7360891Valve Circuits 
8401728Wireless Signalling 
9no record  
10no record  
11no record  
12480548Wireless SignallingBuizau & Gray 31-1-13
13no record Olavier 31-1-13
14no record Combined with 15
15511222Transmission Systems 
16520488Phase Changing 
17509820Repeating SystemsDeloraine. 9/17.
18522799Automatic Volume Control 
19no record  
20535860Signalling systems with no background noise. 
2154023Electrical signalling systems.C.W.Earp 21-19
22582187Electromagnetic systems for detecting moving bodies. 
23656152Pulse signalling system. 
24610774Reduction of crosstalk in multiplex pulse systems.P.K.Chatterjea 84-24
25639827Gas discharge tube with ionisation. 
26Appl. 22141Gas discharge tube with ionisation, coupling, etc. 
27Appl.29542Reduction of de-ionisation time of multi-gap gaseous discharge tube by reverse potential. 
28Appl.29543Reduction of de-ionisation time of multi-gap gaseous discharge tube by special atmosphere. 
29665817Switching from last to first gap of multi-gap gaseous discharge tube for continuous operation. 
30665818Use of multi-gap gaseous k discharge tube as frequency divider or counter. 
31666394Use of multi-gap gaseous discharge tube as register and delay device. 
32665819Distribution device for instance in time displaced multiplex switching systems. 
33642146Multi-function time division circuits.E.D.Phinney - 3 - 33
34639839Pulse train generating tube. 
35665982Multi-gap tube with individual extinguishing gaps. 
36639841Tube with helical cathode to replace corrugated cathode. 
37Appl.14872Double gap sequence ionisation coupling tube. 
38 Gas-filled tube embodiments of Chatterjea-Reeves 84-24. 
39Appl.4310Cold cathode tubes.C.H.Hough
40Appl.24199Gas tube sub-set circuit.E.M.Deloraine 69
41Appl.24200Gas discharge tube used in line finder of sub-set.E.M.Deloraine 70
42648541Gas tube microphone and delay device.E.M.Deloraine 71
43Appl.7722High pressure gas discharge tube. 
44660253Pulse modulator using ionisation spread. 
45Appl.7724/47Cold cathode tube with inclined discharge surface. 
46650032Pulse demodulating and short period storing. 
47659805Squeg tab for sequence discharge tube. 
48Appl.12086/47Priming gap in sequence discharge tubes. 
49Appl.12086/47Controlled level pulse modulator. 
509Appl.12088/47Auto level control of pulse modulator in sub set. 
51Appl.12089/47Lavite ionisation delay tube. 
52Appl.12090/47Circuit with two squeg tabs for different time constants. 
53Appl.12091/47Rectifier stabilizing circuit for counter discharge tubes. 
54Appl.19614/47Ionisation spread along smooth wires. 
55677984Electronic line finder & switching system using gas discharge tubes. 
56677985Electronic counter using gas tube without maintaining battery. 
57Appl.19617/47Multi level information storage discharge tube. 
58665822Electronic register storing. nature and number of impulses. 
59669534Dropped Pulse gating circuit. 
60Appl.14873/47Pulse demodulator circuit. 
61665820Electronic counter circuit with two element discharge tube. 
62Appl.14875/47Demodulation of variable frequency pulses. 
63659806Pulse modulator using cold cathode tubes. 
64659809?Use of gas filled tube as linear amplifier. 
65659808Pulse repeater. 
66659809?Pulse modulator and demodulator. 
67642330Pulse step modulation applied to reduction in signal frequency baud. 
68680702Electronic switching modulation.E. M. Deloraine 72
69650890A Double bank sequence discharge tube. 
70no record? 
71Appl.12090/48Cold cathode modulator tube. 
72656692Transistor trigger circuits. 
73654909Delay circuits employing Germanium crystals. 
74683558Stabilization of crystal triodes. 
75706514Germanium diode with negative resistance in the conducting direction. 
76706515Positive gap diode as a multi point counter. 
77706516Positive gap diodes applied to VSW receivers. 
78Appl.29097/51Positive gap germanium rectifiers for microwaves. 
79882168Optical gating by pairs of negative impedance photoconductive devices 
I.S.1243Counting circuits.E.D. Phinney. 12/50
803250/63Digital companding coder.D.R.Barber 8
8120842/63Equilibrium coder. 
8237714/63P.C.M. decoder.K. W.Cattermole 25 R.Kitajewski 2