Harlow, Essex.

18th May, 1968



I'm not sure why I'm writing this today. You'd better ask the psychiatrist I probably ought to have but haven't. Or perhaps there's a full moon. But here we go.

All over the world the young are in revolt: black street urchin kids in Harlem, rather older blacks with some whites in the Civil Rights movement all over the USA, students in California, France, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Britain. Some of them are no doubt inspired by outsiders with political or selfish motives; but these outsiders couldn't have done what they have if the powder hadn't been there ready for the match.

Some beards in the world Establishment wag their grey hairs and cry "doom". But the wiser Old Fools, because young in heart and therefore vision, welcome this much-needed new energy in the world's blood. They know they have made a mess of things. But they know too that without the urgent pressure of the Young, making a different kind of mess, the new and much better era now being born could never come out of its egg shell a new era with a much saner sense of values, based on Truth as so far seen, combining science with direct, intuitive Knowledge. This era will truly begin, I guess, in about fifty years - a mere flea-bite away in the story of even terrestrial Man.

So I do not cry "doom" - I grin, and try to oil the urgent cogs between the old and the new, because I understand. So do you.

Rude comments on this note, please.

Straight ahead, then. And if we think we're awake, it shows we must wake up more!