Notes from
AHR'S Talk at Basildon - 8/2/67

The telecom "explosion" could do harm as well as good. Telecom gives couplings. (Slides 1 and 2 : tuned cct, couplings.)
If the circuits are tightly coupled, you get a similar response curve as to each - if they are losely coupled then you get two response curves. However if they have just the right coupling then you get a curve which is something completely new.

LANDMARKS (up to about AD 2020, in chronological order, past, present, and future

  1. PCM (Slide : principle, - from KW's paper, Fig. 5, top.) (Slide : portrait of PCM's inventor.)
  2. FM (Nerve pulses - and as in stochastic computing.)
  3. LSI (Miniature Large-Scale Integrated circuitry, in primitive life.)
  4. Negative Feedback (direct,functional stored, and organic self-restoring)
  5. Radio (Slide 5 portrait of the inventor: the electric eel.)
  6. PCM re-invented, version (a) (Slide 6 : tomtoms.)
  7. PCM re-invented, version (b) (Slide 7 : smoke signals.)
  8. Waveguides (The speaking tube.)
  9. The telephone (By Graham Bell.)
  10. The Baudot Telegraph
  11. Radio re-invented. (Maxwell, Herz, Lodge, Marconi.) Semicbnductor Detectors (crystals and coherers by Lodge, Branly, Marconi, etc., were the first practical types.
  12. Analogue radio The Poulsen arc made radiotelephony and CW telegraphy possible.
  13. The triode valve (De Forest)
  14. the water-cooled radio transmitting valve (incl. the copper-glass seal). Made practical radiotelephony, for point-to-point and broadcasting. (Slide 8 : photo of station 2WP.) (Slide 9 : our 1922 Birmingham broadcaster.)
  15. First telephony across the Atlantic (of any kind), (Long Island to New Southgate.) (Slide 10 : New Southgate radio receiver.)
  16. TV by Logie Baird.
  17. Discovery of long-distance short-wave radio propagation, by a schoolboy, Goyder.
  18. Negative feedback (direct), re-invented by H.S. Black, making practical :-
  19. Multi-channel "Carrier" systems ("wired wireless"), for wired telephony.
  20. Quartz-crystal frequency control.
  21. FM re-invented (by Armstrong)
  22. Microwaves for practical radio links. (By A.G. Clavier, et al.)
  23. Digital telephony (AM, PTM.) PCM again re-invented, by A.H. Reeves. Delta, invented by E.M. Deloraine. (Slide 11 : Cattermole and Reeves, with equm. coder mechanical model.)
  24. Integrated circuitry re-invented (by gas gaps).
  25. The transistor
  26. Trans-ocean,telephone cables
  27. Telecom by satellites
  28. Integrated circuitry again re-invented (by semiconductors).
  29. Moletronics [ie nanotechnology - webmaster]
  30. Channel selection by new timing methods.
  31. Re-invention of Stored Negative Feedback, for easier tolerances.
  32. "CONLIN" circuitry (COoperative Non-LINear; For faster processing of telecom data and lower power consumption.
  33. Passive Reactance circuitry.
  34. Cheap and efficient refrigeration (cryogenics)
  36. The laser
  37. Low optical-attenuation fibres
  38. Purely optical bistables, clippers etc.
  39. Optical integrated circuitry
  40. Picosecond logic, by statistical drop-out.
  41. Straight-line telecom, by neutrinos(or anti-neutrinos).
  42. "Thought-wave" telecom, direct.
  43. "Thought-wave" telecom, by artificial means.